During the hours leading to the stroke of midnight on the last day of 2006, I enjoyed the greatest New Year’s Eve to date and hadn’t had a comparable night since – until the night the clock tick-tocked into 2012 amidst a crowd of partying concert-goers at the Hyatt Regency Houston.

As my date and I danced the night away (and perhaps boozed just a tad), the final moments of 2011 faded into mere seconds until the year was no more. But to me, this New Year’s Eve was about more than just the festivities and the balloons that I viciously popped with the dangerous end of my black stiletto-heeled shoe. By far, I had more fun Saturday night than I did any other night that I can actually remember. But closing the chapter on 2011 and staring at the blank canvas that is 2012 is about so much more than the countdown to midnight and the accompanying tonsil-hockey-type kiss or the streamers and confetti that followed.

Sappy AMR

The start of a new year is very special to me, and sentimental feelings about the new year started creeping up on me during a beautiful New Year’s Eve dinner. It’s the symbol of a fresh start as if the rearview mirror has been ripped from the windshield to keep me from looking back. It’s a hot soapy shower after a long day outdoors. Just wash away the grime of last year and make optimistic choices for the future and a shining new year.

My dear friend Jessica Harper preaches to all her gal pals: “A new year means new habits.”

She’s precisely right. That’s what making resolutions is all about. It’s about pointing out the admitted desires for change and those becoming reality by habitually making the right decisions to support the original notion.

When I started thinking about my New Year’s resolutions, I felt so motivated to make some changes this year. But by the time I got a handle on all the ideas swirling in my head, I learned that my long list would not fit on the Post-It note I had designated for it.  I have gobs of things I want to start or do differently this year. I’ll probably need to put my resolution about being more organized near the top of my list. But, whatever, being encouraged with great ideas for change is what celebrating New Year’s Day is all about, even if those ideas come by the dozens.

Lots to do

To start, I want to blog more this year – a lot more. So make sure you come back and check out my little notes and daily anecdotes. The most important decision I want to stick with in the new year is staying positive and uplifting others. Hopefully, I won’t crumble at the first sign of irritation or exhaustion. Wish me luck. As for the others, they’re your usual New Year’s resolution suspects – be healthy, make more money, spend less, make time for loved ones, buy a motorcycle, learn how to Dougie and throw a punch.

Happy New Year to you and best wishes on embracing those desired changes. And, Travie, thank you for the most amazing night!


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