Laura Reynolds: Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

By LAURA REYNOLDS, SportsRadio 610

10. Dogs like everybody. Cats discriminant. I will let you know if I can tolerate you and I reserve the right to change my mind. 

9. Dogs lack dignity. I’m a cool cucumber. (Except when there’s a moth around and who wouldn’t go after a moth???) 

8. My specialty is actively ignoring you and everything you say. You have to train humans early. 

7. Dogs eat anything. I have a refined palate that demands variety. It’s up to you to guess what that is on a daily basis.

6. Dogs play for hours with “toys”. In mere moments I destroy these inferior objects to show my disdain. 

5. Dogs are clumsy. My graceful aerobatics are awe inpiring and vase shattering. 

4. Humans use a toliet; cats use a box and dogs <shudder> yuck. 

3. Sure I can learn tricks, but why would I? How droll. 

2. No self-respecting cat would allow himself to be dressed in an ‘outfit’. 

1. Dogs suffer from coprophagia. Look it up and try not to retch. Enough said.


About Mikey: Mikey is a rescue from the Citizens of Animal Protection. Mikey came to live with his human Laura Reynolds in January 2011. He is approximately 2 years old and weighs 19 pounds. He has been known to takeover Laura’s Facebook News Feed with his “Mikey’s Wizzdom” tidbits. Mikey is currently unaware he’s about to get a roommate. Jack is moving in Saturday. Jack is a German Shepherd rescue from the Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue.


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