HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Economic injustice, corrupted political influences and wavering corporate social responsibility has brought the Occupy movement to Houston.

Occupy Houston is a continuous protest against the factors that have brought on the current economic recession. The people that compose this group come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Professional workers to the unemployed, youth to elderly, various educational background and even other protest organizations, such as the coffee party, have all come together to find ways to put an end to those that contribute to political, social and economic injustice.

Occupy Houston has peacefully protested at JP Morgan Bank, City Hall, Hermann Park, Eleanor Tinsley and Tranquility park. Occupy Houston has respectfully complied with Houston Police by removing camping equipment and have relocated from several parks to allow scheduled events. The only event Occupy Houston stayed to protest Valero and TransCanada sponsors of the  Energy Festival. Valero was condemned for requesting a 62.8 million dollar tax refund from local county school districts for placing a hydrotreater in a Texas refinery. TransCanada was protested for a pipeline deal that would not pay revenues to Kansas cities for ten years and possibly pose environmental risks.  

A new protest is planned for Nov. 30 to bring awareness to the social injustice in St. Petersburg, Russia. President Medvedev and  Prime Minister Putin are attempting to  strip  millions of gay citizens of their right to write a book, publish an article, speak in public about being gay, lesbian or transgender, and eliminate their right to peaceably assemble.  These are rights guaranteed by our own U.S. Constitution to every American citizen.  

gaypride Occupy Houston: Protesting Anti Gay Law

(credit: Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty Images)

A disruptive  protest coupled with international protests postponed the president and prime minister’s first attempt to sign the discriminatory bill into law. In an attempt to end this action, Occupy Houston and human-rights activist are  reaching out to world leaders  to stop Russian leaders from making discrimination legal.

Occupy Houston plans to meet at the Russian Consulate Nov. 30 at  4 p.m. Their purpose is to stand in solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

  1. TexasForever says:

    Since when is it legal to camp overnight in a public city park?
    Since when is to legal to steal electricity for your computers, dvds, cds, televisions, heaters, generators?
    Who died and maded these FLEABAGGERS more important than you or I?
    HPD and Mayor do your jobs and rid our city of these pests!

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