HOUSTON, Texas (CBS Houston) — Four people have been charged with capital murder in the shooting death of a man who thought he was going to see a prostitute.

Cymone Anthony, Beoncay Sade Kesee, Ashtin Johnson, and Martez Levy have been charged in last month’s murder of Luis Vasquez and are currently in jail without bond.

According to police reports obtained by CBS Houston, Vasquez and a friend went to a condominium complex looking to pick up prostitutes.

According to police, the two men met two women there. Each agreed to pay $30 for sex. The women then directed the two men to the rear of the complex. Vazquez then got out of his car to walk to where they agreed to meet for the encounter.

Vazquez’s friend told police that by the time he reached the walkway he saw two other men beating his friend with handguns. When he heard a gun shot, he ran and called 9-1-1.

According to police, Johnson admitted that he, Levy, and another man went to the complex on the night in question. He told police that he heard Levy receive a phone call about two men they were going to rob.

Police say that Johnson went through Vazquez’s pockets looking for money.

According to reports, Johnson said he saw Martez shoot Vazquez in the head.

Vazquez was pronounced dead at the scene.


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