ABILENE, Texas (CBS Houston/AP) — Two West Texas women have been arrested for allegedly buying and selling a 7-week-old infant on an installment payment plan.

Abilene police say the mother, 29-year-old Joana Delacruz Huerta, and the woman accused of buying her baby, 27-year-old Marilu Munoz, were charged Thursday with the sale or purchase of an infant, a third-degree felony.

The women remained in the Taylor County Jail on Friday. Bail has not yet been set. No attorneys were listed for either woman.

Police Sgt. Lynn Beard says Huerta reportedly sold the baby for $2,000 on an “installment plan” with scheduled payments. According to the Abilene police report, the sale of the child occurred in September.

The infant, whose gender wasn’t released, was taken into custody by Child Protective Services.

If convicted, both women face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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Comments (99)
  1. IVillageIdiot says:

    WHAT their not saying, is WHY….

    Why do you think???

    1. MIke says:

      My first guess is infertility meets overfertility. Too bad CPS and its gang of demons will undoubtedly put the baby on dozens of mind altering drugs and abuse it relentlessly 😦

      1. Salam says:

        I favor deeming the cmnoemt so out of touch that you don’t let it phase you. Whether that means deleting it or posting it (to showcase the absurdity), I don’t know, but clearly she missed the point of the entire post. She took your statement that you don’t enjoy dining with your kid to the extreme by assuming that you hate all children, including your own (and your unborn). Obviously her little angel behaves perfectly at restaurants and is a joy to be around every moment. However, her cmnoemt screams overcompensation and insecurity to me. Haven’t we all been in that restaurant scenario? It’s partially because I understand that my daughter’s a typical 19 month-old, that I know that sparing her the restaurant scene is for her and my own good.That said, how DARE you call your kid Bug? What kind of monster are you?

    2. doug says:

      The baby would have been used as ritual sacrifice. They do this all over the world. Africa is always having people and children sacrificed.. I don’t know very much about Mexicans but it probably involves ripping out the heart.

    3. susie hommacher says:

      This must happen all the time in Mexico.

  2. wde wedded says:

    It was a plan to fit their budget

  3. Reakun Straight says:

    If I had to take a guess, i would say the reason is for child sacrifice. Being that we are in the high satanic holy days, child sacrifices are going on world wide at this moment.

    1. George Johnson says:

      Wow…. I bet you see “demons” lurking everywhere and behind everything.

      You need some help.

      1. Dr. Bombay says:

        Do some research and that smug, self righteous, condescending tone will change. Every culture has sacrificed children since the beginning of time and it continues to this day. You are as some country bumpkin in NYC for your first time. You’ll be embarrassed, ashamed and devastated once you learn how the world really works.

      2. Mike says:

        And you have no idea what you don’t know.

      3. Japes Macfarland says:

        What is your best guess, George? (and don’t worry, I won’t insult or try to demean you like you did to the other guy.)

      4. rbliz says:

        George. Take some time to review this. I will not post anything more in detail here or ever again for that matter regarding this, but it is obvious that there is more than one poster here who seems aware of this very disturbing and ongoing issue. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moloch

      5. Htos1 says:

        Dang,and some call us southerners dumb!

      6. danny dietz says:

        Bshahah some of the comments on here our outlandish. No where in the article does it state the baby was to be used for satanic sacrifice. And just because it has happened before, certainly does not mean that is the case here. How about providing some facts relating to this case proving the baby was going to be sacrificed?

        Yea did think so troll

    2. Happydots says:

      It was merely for profit. If it had truly been for sacrifice, there would not be a money exchange. One woman wanted the baby, the other was not going to give it up without a monetary exchange. Not much different from adoption agencies except the mother gets absolutely nothing but an empty uterus.

    3. Jake says:

      Yes there are child sacrifices going on daily. It is called abortion.

      1. Jim Brown says:

        That’s true but not what the commenter is referring to.

      2. mike says:

        Yes, abortion represents a blood sacrifice to get something that is personally desired, such as:

        * Having more disposable income to buy things for oneself (shoes, clothes,
        cosmetics, and other luxuries).

        * The ability to travel without being tied down to a baby.

        * Being able to attend school and pursue a carrier without being tied down to a

        * The ability to spend late hours in bars and clubs without being tied down to a

        * A backup method of birth control so that a woman can enjoy a lot of casual

        Abortions are done because woman want to satisfy their personal desires to the max. The same reason why Satanist and pagans have practiced child sacrifice.

    4. Jim Brown says:

      Brave of you, and so sad how few are aware of what you are referring to.

    5. sincerely disapointed says:

      Unfortunately you all have failed to see the MAIN epidemic enveloping children in America and Mexico…Slave/sex trade. Not that sick rituals aren’t being performed but more likely a child being bought and sold and raised to turn a real profit for some sick f***er. Child Rape dungeons are going on world wide at this moment.

  4. John Freiheit says:

    Wow that is cheap. I just watched the movie Raising Arizona last night with Nicholas Cage… according to them a baby is worth about 50k on the black market. That was my humorous take. Here is my not so humorous take…. both women are sick.

  5. Yukiko says:

    Did she have a payment book or was the baby on layaway?

    1. Bryan Cook says:

      i was going to ask the same

  6. Bonny says:

    This is what illegal aliens do…get them the hell out of here!

  7. Ellie Light says:

    Hey juanita I sell you anchor baby you get food stamps/wick/welfare/medical free from OBama

    1. xschild says:

      Anchor baby is the answer. Money money money. Free money.

    2. Edouardo says:

      ♥*~$h@Rp!E~*♥ Posted on umm maybe like jazzy or J.J as the names and + vampires are real eolppe with health disorders and they kinda don’t drink blood but they do use donations and stuff to keep living ok well i hope that helped.

  8. gx says:

    I’m not sure what the issue is… the government wants people to abort babies they don’t want.. and if the baby’s put up for adoption then the government makes $50,000 off the deal.. so whats the difference if a mom/dad sell the baby for $2,000 and the government sales it for $50,000 ….

    Sounds to me like the government is just mad its not making its $50,000 off the deal

    1. Kathy Tobacco says:

      That is exactly what I was thinking! Adoption is ridiculously expensive in this country because of all the goons that have to be paid off. All that matters is the money that goes to the lawyers, bureaucrats and adoption agencies.

      1. BrownCheerio says:

        There are right ways and wrong ways to do things. We do not know why the woman purchasing the baby wanted it (since the sex has not been released). However, if she was serious about being a parent she should have gone through the proper channels of adopting a child. We do not want people to be able to sell or purchase other people, no matter age, gender, or race; slavery is bad and no human should ever be allowed to own another human.

      2. Happydots says:

        Yep, I happened to point out the obvious on another comment earlier. It’s sick.

      3. Kathy Tobacco says:

        The point GX and I are making is that whenever money changes hands it is wrong. At this point there is a wrong way and a worse way but either way it is sick that money is being made off of innocent children.

    2. Daisy says:

      Hopefully, you’re correct and the baby is not being sold into sexual slavery. Which also happens.

      1. how2findtruthTube says:

        Most COMMONLY sold into sexual slavery through the “CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES” anyone who is feeling the need to stick up for these folks dont try it im sure you do know someone who is not evil that works for the state guess what their too compartmentalized to know any better probably well meaning also GOOGLE CPS Child trafficking

    3. alelita says:

      Is exactly what I was thinking…what makes any difference from those adopt agencies, their making more money SELLING babies. It cosst more thant $10k dollars and is starting with black babies are the cheapest, isnt this ridiculous?
      I agree, sounds like the Gov didnt get any part of the deal or making money of this.

    4. Nilesh says:

      Thanks! For these easy steps. I did it and I see the reply buttons under each cnemmot. I have one problem and don’t know if there is a solution. When I reply to a cnemmot it takes me to another screen with all the cnemmots on it. And if I want to continue replying i have to go back to original screen and so on. Is there any way to reply underneath each cnemmot in one page like in disqus. Like if you are chatting???Thanks

  9. Larry H says:

    Next time, use a lawyer as the intermediary.

  10. walter12 says:

    The state of the illegal Mexicans in the US is truly pathetic. They should all go home to Mexico despite the madness in Mexico today. They would still be better off in their homeland. And for God’s sake, leave all of your problems there, don’t we have enough of our own?.

    1. Tim Bates says:

      Boy are your comments stupid…utterly stupid and racist.

  11. jbspry says:

    Who knows? It may not be at all uncommon for a woman in Mexico who has a baby she cannot take care of to sell it to a mother who can. After all the culture of Mexico is only parlty European; the cultural influences of the native peoples still are strong. What shocks our European sensibilities may be a perfectly logical solution to a problem for the indigenous people of Mexico. After all, the child is being given to a mother who obviously wants it. The fact that it wasn’t brokered through a licensed adoption agency doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing.

    1. BrownCheerio says:

      Or, the other woman wanted it for her dinner table… YUM!!!!

  12. Carroll Lightell says:

    Yo momma is so po she had to put a blackmarket baby on layaway!

  13. Bub says:

    Just doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.

  14. Ramon Laura Vargas says:

    Let me get this straight…if you murder the child via abortion is legal and honorable, if a mother sells the child to another woman then is a felony? What happened to women’s right? What’s the deal with Pro-Choice? I think is clear to me that this mother made her choice. I think that since politicians can’t tax that sell then that’s why they call it a felony!

    1. BrownCheerio says:

      Abortion is not murder unless the mother with an unborn fetus is murdered resulting in the death of said fetus. I would rather have people aborting a fetus than selling a baby, for who knows what purpose, or putting a child into fostercare. People that do not worship your imaginary friends have as much right to freedom as you do, and my points are as valid as yours. In no way am I supporting what these women attempted to do. This is called ad hominem, something you should be quite familar with…

      1. Happydots says:

        You ever see an aborted baby? They look a lot like the one that was sold. Your logic is effed up.

      2. Canof Sand says:

        “Abortion is not murder unless the mother with an unborn fetus is murdered resulting in the death of said fetus.”
        With an opening sentence like that, I thought you were actually agreeing with Ramon Laura Vargas – but alas, it turns out you’re just a religion-hating bigot who has no sense of irony.

      3. rich says:

        I can see where everyone disagrees with this guy. His point is valid in that many of those people involved with children are similar to the second mile foundation. Mercy killing might be what he means. Still.. the solution is a better economy so that babies aren’t aborted.. so that people have financial means to want and be able to raise a family. End the private bank called the US Federal Reserve. Claim the derivatives debt as fraud and we have little debt. Yes.. you must get the root problem. Its degradation of society by the top rulers.

      4. Bairo says:

        FYI … for the first comment only post it looks like a work-around is to post the code after the “” tag. I have it swnhiog up now for all but deleted comments. I don’t know why it wasn’t working on the “” … maybe that isn’t included in all posts or comments.Something else to try would be to put it after the “” and see if it shows up … I don’t feel like messing with it since it appear to be working now.

  15. larry says:

    Mexico Nationals !!!!!!!

  16. Mike Alright says:

    Leave the poor, weak, defenseless, discriminated against, unequal, sad, emotionally wrecked and depressed US woman alone. A man must have made her do this. This is the feminized US you know, poor lady.

  17. Amy says:

    So paying a woman to be a surrogate BEFORE the baby is born is OK, but paying her for the kid AFTER he’s born is a felony?
    Did I just wake up in Crazy Town?

    1. BrownCheerio says:


      Welcome to Crazy Town; population: you. There are right ways and wrong ways to do things. We do not know why the woman purchasing the baby wanted it (since the sex has not been released). However, if she was serious about being a parent she should have gone through the proper channels of adopting a child. We do not want people to be able to sell or purchase other people, no matter age, gender, or race; slavery is bad and no human should ever be allowed to own another human.

      1. Kim Mccarthy says:

        that’s twice now you’ve stated that there is some correlation between the sex of the child and why the second woman wanted it. what’s up with that?

      2. LimeCat says:

        “There are right ways and wrong ways to do things.”
        In other words, there are government-sanctioned ways and wrong ways to do things.
        Government sanction does not make something right or wrong.

  18. Farmer Bob says:

    So for $2,000 you can get a Mexican or a 1996 Buick Century, but the Buick has its papers and the Mexican doesn’t.

  19. Mike_88 says:

    You have to pay the government for it to be legal.

  20. hu says:

    now CPS can sell the child.

  21. rich says:

    So NOW the kid is in the hands of CPS. Don’t you think he was better off with the woman paying 2000 for the baby.. that woman really wants the baby. it was gonna be cared for. they should be looking at whats best for the child. maybe the mom was doing the right thing.. it looks that way to me

  22. Voiceofreason says:

    Another contribution from the “culture” that enriches us so deeply. I guess if you can get a set of spinners on the installment plan, why not a baby?

  23. David Ball says:

    If the illegals can’t make an anchor baby,then just buy one. Free benefits for life. Courtesy of the American tax payer.

  24. BeckyC says:

    I wish they would have reported on the US citizenship status of each of the women. Just think of all the scenarios and their implications!
    a) Both were illegal.
    b) One woman was legal but the other was illegal.
    c) Both were legal.

  25. Dean says:

    If you can make a baby, why can’t you sell it?

  26. Lulzatall says:

    Government is just upset that the loans were not done through Fannie and Freddy

  27. Flannigan says:

    How dare she!
    Munoz can’t buy and own a living person: only the government can do that!

  28. Maggie says:

    I would love to buy a baby. My husband and I are infertile and don’t have $50,000 to spend on lawyers. $2,000 – $10,000 directly to the bio-mom would would solve our problems. I could finally be a Mom. $50k is out of my price range. Only rich people can afford to adopt. Adoption rules discriminate against the lower-middle class. Rich people and broke fertile teenagers can be Moms but not me.

  29. Iker Chaz Michaels says:

    My only concern is that if someone can not afford $2,000 with an installment plan for a baby, then they have no business being parents. It costs much more than that to feed, cloth, and educate your child. Your not ‘entitled’ to a child. If your that broke – TOO BAD!

    1. Maggie says:

      So what is the correct purchase price for a baby?

  30. UrsusRexx2 says:

    I’ve heard (via ‘World Health Organizations’ statistics), that there are an estimated 750 MILLION children 0-16, on earth at present…
    It seems ironic that the biological ‘lottery’ statistics suggest a roughly ‘1-in-750 million’ chance of any particular egg & sperm becoming a human zygote.
    …Given all these children in need of (decent) families, (and / or), the nearest pimp/sweatshop, (be it a ‘family-values type of civilian, or college athletic supervisor, priest or pope…), why does anyone feel a need to resort to buying a baby?
    Note: In case it isn’t clear, I would NOT have merely reported the, (‘alleged’), rape-in-progress at Penn state’s Atheletic showers, until/unless the condition was ‘stabilized’… presumably by the use of force, (up-to & including ‘Deadly Physical Force’), and/or, the perp(s) in custody…

    Note:We ‘survivors’ tend to be slightly LESS forgiving of ‘pious’ bombast, excuse-making, etc., from sports figures/clerics!

  31. AnimalFarm says:

    In our weird society she could have killed her baby for free by late-term abortion without any legal wrongdoing. Selling it is a worse crime?

  32. dave says:

    As soon as I saw the headline, I knew it was going to be Mexicans involved. They have no morals.

  33. Calssic Liberal2011 says:

    Of course the government needs it cut. The TTL registters need to be kept in balance. Silly people. Do you think you are really freeman? Sorry you are chattel and have been for over 2 generations. Welcome to Maritime law 2011.

  34. dougal says:

    Yeah, let’s here it for the 14th Amendment. A Mexican woman comes here to an anchor baby so it can be an American citizen. Now we we have baby mama drama and who pays for it? We do.

  35. rainbear says:

    If they only had a decent translator it would have been legal. The money was for health care, nutritional support, and a few luxuries for the birth mother.

  36. tadchem says:

    Buying and selling people is slavery – unless you are buying and selling politicians.

    1. Truth Detector says:

      In that case, it’s business as usual…

  37. foreman says:

    I suspoect that the commenter who speculated that the woman who purchaed the baby to gain an anchor baby is correct.

  38. Wicked Sick says:

    Please tell me that the seller/financier did not hire Jerry Sandusky as her repo man…

  39. Cynical says:

    The only thing these women did wrong was she did not contact a lawyer first.

    But then it would have cost a lot more than 2000, would it not?

    The legal system does not like people infringing on their business, and these women will pay the price.

  40. Km Romeo says:

    $2,000 is a lot cheaper than going thru a $50,000 adoption agency.

  41. conad murray says:

    The whole idea was conceived with her boyfriend on lay a way I bet….

  42. Cullen Kehoe says:

    So the only way for a person to adopt is to pay $30,000 to an adoption agency? And the mother should receive $0 of that after carrying the child to term?

    Perhaps we need to revisit our laws because we’ve priced out anybody who is not rich or well off from adopting kids. And maybe we’d get more mothers carrying children to term for adoption (instead of aborting for instance) if they received SOMETHING in the way of compensation instead of all $30,000 going to the adoption agency

    1. Cynical says:


      You may be onto something, but sadly lawyers will not create laws that will limit their business profits.

      Weren’t the legislative and judicial branches supposed to be distinct and separate?

      No the legislative branch of our government is filled with graduates of the judicial branch.

  43. Barack Obama says:

    $2000 for a Mexican baby is kind of steep!

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