Texas Police Inquiring About Former Penn State Coach


HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – The child sex abuse scandal coming out of Penn State University involves alleged child sex crimes, one of which may have occurred in Texas when the school’s football team was in San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl in 1999.

San Antonio police Sgt. Chris Benavides told the Associated Press Thursday that his department is “looking into the possibility that an offense may have happened” while the football team was in town.

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Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, who coached at Penn State for more than 30 years, is the accused perpetrator and faces child sex abuse charges in Pennsylvania. A grand jury report says a young boy, who was allegedly molested, was threatened to be sent home if the victim resisted Sandusky’s criminal sex acts against him.

Legendary coach Joe Paterno was fired Wednesday for his role in not reporting to police what he knew about Sandusky’s alleged crime.

Houston connection: Texans WR Bryant Johnson Discusses His Time At Penn State

  • Ted Bell

    Just because ANNA-MEGAN RALEY left the word acts out of the story does not mean you should point it out. Ar least she never leaves out the hyphen in her name.

    • Kristi

      That’s flippin hilarious! Your comment made me laugh after all these horrible stories brought me down.

  • Eric

    There is a pimp at every Penn State game.

  • PSU = Please Sodomize Us

    Jerry’s Sandusky’s new book, set for release in 2013:

    “Touched by Tyrone: From PENN STATE to the STATE PEN”

  • cntrlfrk

    I always wondered what a “Nittany Lion” is.

    Apparently it’s like a ‘Cougar’ except instead of older women liking younger men, it’s old Penn State Coaches liking boys….

    Nebraska is on it’s way to thump you all tomorrow. I will enjoy every minute of it!

    • Tom Eberlin

      Maybe when the feds are done with Penn State they will start looking at all the colleges and what sexual perversion goes on? Rapes not reported to the local police, gay rape, gang rape, pedophelia? Are you absolutely sure your Nebraska is above reproach in all these matters? I think it is just the tip of the iceburg. We will see if the feds have the balls to investigate or at least impose strictor guidelines and have outside investigators look into matters that happen on campuses throught the US.

      • Jon Bullock

        Ummm, I doubt the Nebraska footbal program had a Jerry Sandusky so what actually is your point?

      • rulierose

        I don’t know about Nebraska, but I can guarantee you that if a Jerry Sandusky was ever to have shown up at Michigan working for our “legendary coach” Bo Schembechler, he would have been fired immediately.

    • Rich Keilholtz

      Yeah, because it’s all about the game at this point. Stay classy Husker Nation.

    • sean

      let’s go corn huskers!

    • oliver

      cntrfrk – I’m glad you’ll enjoy every minute of Nebraska “thumping” Penn State tomorrow. Good for you. Why don’t you show a little more Nebraska-style class and express your genuiine concern for the innocent victimes?

      • acer

        the same way the idiot rioters did? Oh wait.. they rioted because pedoterno the enabler was fired.. not a word about the kids, then send death threats to the guy that spoke up..

  • James Sonax

    I am impressed that you read the comments, Anna-Megan.

  • Mack Daddy

    From now on they will be known as Pedd State.

    Cougar: An older woman who has sex with younger men.
    Nittany Lion: An older man who has sex with younger boys.

    • PSU 'Mack Daddy'

      As a former PSU student I take offense to your ‘joke’ here. Don’t judge the students, alumni, or student athletes by the few who did this. I am all for sending them all to prison. But your immature comments like this do nothing to help anyone ‘ Mack Daddy’. I would recommend you take your 16 year old self and go get an education to learn the difference between immaturity and being an adult.

      • Daddy Mack

        Dude, the Pedd State brand name is toast. No one will ever look at your resume the same way again. Did the student body riot when they found out that there had been a disgusting pedophile in their midst? Hell no, they only rioted when the man who hired the man who ass-raped children was fired. JoePa enabled the abuse of those kids. They should just bulldoze the whole university — its over for Pedd State.



      • oliver

        If these egrgrious crimes and cover ups can happen at Penn State, they can happen ANYWHERE.

      • PSU Toast

        Considering the long chain of PSU students, coaches and administrators who let this happen, any one of whom could have stopped the abuse in its tracks, I think it’s safe to make exactly that sort of judgment on the PSU culture, top down.

        Name another university where this kind of massive coverup could have taken place.

      • meadowlands

        PSU “Mack Daddy”Obviously you don’t get an education to learn the difference between immaturity and being an adult at Pedophile State University. If you did the idiot students wouldn’t have rioted and overturned vans .You are right, iImmature comments don’t help anyone but neither does the actions of the students.

    • 4chan

      Pedd State Shota kats

    • meadowlands

      How about Pedophile State University. They don’t even have to change their initials-PSU

    • Obamaroid Ointment

      That’ll work, so will Perv State.

  • Linda Moore

    The Penn State child sex crimes are not about one pervert, Jerry Sandusky.

    This is about a large group of men in a very lucrative business and social community who for years looked the other way because they condoned using young boys for sex or they personally participated in male to male sexual victimizations. How many boys over the age of 18 were also sexually victimized at Penn State the last 40 years?

    • Tom Eberlin

      I bet you will find out it is also not about one isolated college either?

    • JSandusky

      Second Mile has been ASSociated with Sandusky since 1977!!

    • JSandusky

      When asked about the situation, the 2nd mile CEO said, “Jerry has been busting ass for this organization for years!!”

  • Carl

    With the “sudden disappearance” of Centre County DA Ray Gricar in 2005, I’m afraid this is going to get even uglier!

  • Dr. Bombay

    “The graveyards are full of indispensable men.”
    – Charles de Gaulle

    ——— http://911essentials.com

  • stevefraser

    And more than likely it goes back many deacdes….starting when Sandusky was in his twenties.

  • Edgar Friendly

    How many pervert alumni were buying kids from Sandusky? That’s the next investigation.

    Pedd State is history.
    They need to just close it down and start over.

  • Go Navy

    I work at a large engineering shop near Pittsburgh with 12 or so Penn State grads in my department of 100. All of these people are are appalled by this. Many good people went to PSU and want justice for the victims. Please do not paint these people with this heinous brush.

    • ps-p.u.

      They’re just afraid their name will come out.. Pedd State = Ass-Busters.

  • George B TX

    Technically, former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky could be spend his final days on Texas death row surrounded by murderers with nothing to lose. A second conviction for the aggravated sexual assault of someone under 14 is eligible for the death penalty. Courts would most likely overturn death penalty for child rape, but living conditions would be miserable while his case works its way through the legal system.


    • dave

      He would never spend a second in Texas. His victims are primarily in Pennsylvania and they’re file charges first, have him in custody, and he will serve his time there first (i.e., until he dies).

      • Dave

        That’s where you’re wrong. It doesn’t matter where the majority of the crimes were. It matters that any crime happened in Texas. I hope they pull out the electric chair for this child petter!

  • PS-P.U.


  • Grant McTinkerton

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Or in this case, about 12 years away…..

  • Angel Garcias

    How many of the team players over the past decades found gratification through Sandusky’s kids. Where will this perversion lead?

  • Mike

    It looks as though the average mental age of the posters here is less than that of the victims.

  • Jerry S.

    I just hope gay marriages can still adopt little boys, after all this.

  • Smidgen

    Nebraska Vs Penn state: Corn Huskers Vs Corn Holers.

    • Obamaroid Ointment

      Next weeks game: The Butt Guys vs. the Buckeyes

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  • Tim O'Keeffe

    Corruption and the defense of it. Children sacrificed for gain. We watch.

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  • UrsusRexx

    No adult has the right to sexualise any child!
    ‘Below 18 years old’ SHOULD mean ‘keep your thoughts/desires to yourself’!
    Pope J. Paul-2 made it church policy, saying “sexuality MUST be open to precreation”!
    Preteens (male & female), and teens, (male) are incapable of pregnancy as a general (biological) fact/rule.

    Why is all this such a diffcult idea to concieve of / accept / retain, when one is an educated adult, (like the Penn State Perps), and/or, when one is so ‘hyper-educated & mature’ that one, (as a condition of ’employment’), tells a billion+ others ‘how they MUST conduct their sexuality, or else’?
    …As Joseph Ratzinger alleges himself required to do?

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