As heard on Monday Night Football

When asked what he thought about a teams homefield advantage Phil Simms replies,”Players these days aren’t afraid of anything! Players don’t mind getting booed as they take the field”. Also be sure to listen as Phil gives his AFC pick for the season.

Mobile device users may click here to listen to the audio.

  1. Ayshel says:

    I just came across this while hikcecng out the WordPress theme, but just wanted to add:- During the truce’, which Israel observed, Palestinians have lobbed over 1,700 rockets into Israel in fact, there have been more rockets and mortars thrown into Israel during the truce then without it so this isn’t a question of One or two rockets thrown over from Gaza’.- of the 385 (now, over 400) casualties on the Palestinian side, only’ 60 or so have been civilians. Israel *does* have the technology for near surgical strikes, and they target either Hamas installations, weapons depots, infrastructure, or personnel.- Hamas deliberately uses civilian installations, like schools and mosques, to house their weapons, equipment, or personnel. This contributes as to why there are civilian casualties, as they use civilians as shields.- Israel, before targeting any buildings or locations that contain civilians, or have civilians nearby, alert and notify the civilians to clear the target zone. This is done either with flyers, or in some cases by making phone calls to the individuals advising to clear the premises. They are usually given 15 minutes or more to do so, which is plenty.- For the record, in contrast, Hamas targets civilians targets exclusively, with the intention of maximizing civilians casualties.There just seems to be a one-sided reporting on this issue, so I just wanted to throw in some factoids to balance this out.Thus, considering the above, and that we are not dealing with one or two rockets, at which point *DO* you decide that you have had enough shelling of your backyard, and are you allowed to do something about it?Think about that.

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