christa wedding Guess Which Guy Is My Date To My Sisters Wedding

Christa Raley will marry Brian Manry on Saturday. (credit: Anna-Megan Raley, CBS Houston)

Weddings happen so often; and if you’re in a relationship, choosing a date is brainless. If you’re not dating somebody exclusively, deciding who to take can be stressful.

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hand heart slr amr Guess Which Guy Is My Date To My Sisters Wedding

Consider a few things before convincing your lucky date that he or she needs to be sitting next to you while somebody you know celebrates their nuptials.

  • Family – Your date will be subjected to meeting family members or friends at the wedding. Are you ready for this?
  • Wedding type – The presence of alcohol or dancing could affect how you should choose your date to the wedding. The lack of those things might play an even bigger role. Find out if it’s a religious wedding or one that incorporates specific traditions. You don’t want your date to be out of the loop or awkward. Or worse, you don’t want to bring somebody who is opposed to those things.
  • Behavior – How well do you know your date?  Does that chick get hammered and act afool? If yes, you might not want to bring her to your boss’s intimate backyard wedding.

My beautiful baby sister Christa is marrying the man of her dreams on Saturday. Brian Manry, a super stud Houston fireman, proposed to my sister more than a year ago, and I’ve had plenty of time to choose the lucky guy who gets to hold my purse, listen to me gripe about my family, sneak in extra liquor in his jacket and celebrate that sweet girl’s special day with me.

I do have a date lined up. Let’s see if you can determine which person in this video will be at Christa’s wedding with me.

Either of the two featured guys in the video might end up being the life of the party, so I’m optimistic.

To Christa and Brian, I love you both, and I’m so thrilled to know that my baby sister will spend her life with a wonderful partner. Love alway, Sissy Wissy 🙂

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  1. larry alford says:

    wow, this is embarassing. my message accidently sent without me having a chance to re-read it, check spelling and finish. and I really hope this went to Anna, if not, my bad. if yes, great! in short i just wanted to say thanks for being so nice this evening. And as i was quoting 1Cor.4:13. Love is patient and i will be patient as God prepares me for my match made in Heaven. Well this message got all crazy, pretty much how you have made me inside my soul tonight, crazy, in a good way. first i have never communicated with anyone like this before, so if it is received out of context, pls forgive me. i am far from technology. i am a simple man. More important, have a great time this Saturday.(if the wedding is actually this weekend-hope i did not misread it) I can only imagine how beautiful you will look Anna. Must be a real lucky man to hold you hand and purse as you stated. hope we meet again. And i would like to know how to check out your photo work. you hussled tonight. Good job. Take Care Anna-Megan Raley. And if my message was sent properly per email, please respond so i may clean it up and see exactly what my first words were to the young lady who made my heart go boom, boom, boom!

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