letter to jack head We Respond To Media Members Stupid LetterThis letter is in reponse to THIS.

Hello Jacksonville!

We have visited your city multiple times.  And when we weren’t busy counting mullets, Confederate flags and watching old people crash cars into convenience stores, we were seeking cover and trying to not get shot.

Coach Gary Kubiak says the Texans (5-3, 3-0 in AFC South) will not change the way they play.  Unfortunately for your city, coach Jack Del Rio has not said the Jaguars (2-6, 1-1 in AFC South) will change the way they play, either.  It’s impossible, especially when you have a future bust and softy at quarterback – as well as receivers picked out of a trash heap – powering your offense.

But we digress.

Below is a video of Terrance Knighton hitting Drew Brees late.  Yikes.

Steve Wrigley, sports director at Action News in Jacksonville, told SportsRadio 610 that he hadn’t seen dirty play from the Jaguars all year.  We have no choice but to assume he’s not really keeping up with his team.

But is that the kind of message you want to send to the youngsters playing football in Jacksonville?  Is this the type of sportsmanship the NFL is all about?

Maybe this question will hit home with you all in that part of Florida. What would Tim Tebow the saint do?

While we’re on the subject of  being an example to America’s youth – and we’d honestly be surprised if you have any kids in your 875-square-mile-senior-center of a city- here are some additional points to consider and questions to ask yourselves:

–          Is Blaine Gabbert yelling a certain profane word that starts with “mother” a good message for the children? Come on, man.

–          While we are on the Gabbert subject – is playing quarterback like he does a standard you want your children to live up to?  Because we think stinking it up on the field for 60 minutes every Sunday seems to be the easier option for some of you.

–          In the movie Bambi, Thumper said: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  Well, Terrance Knighton said he hates Houstonand hates the Texans. OUR FEELINGS ARE HURT.  WE ARE WRITING A LETTER TO THE NFL DEMANDING COMPENSATION.

–          Debate class 101: If you make a claim or announce a bold opinion, like the one Terrance Knighton stated about the Texans being arrogant, back it up with evidence when asked about it. Knighton, your argument is lacking, and we rule it an epic failure on your part.

–          Is whining after a loss in Houston (Jaguars players) or crying about something Houstonians alledgedly want for children (Wrigley) acceptable? We guess it’s okay, but those actions are on you.

We hope these points will encourage the Jaguars, Wrigley and all the other members of the Jacksonville Football Moms Club to reconsider their anger at those meanie Texans.

But, most importantly, we urge Steve Wrigley to man up.


The guys from the J&R show on SportsRadio 610 in Houston

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Comments (19)
  1. Rick Brokaw says:

    Hey J & R, I know that PFT does not always link to you like they should but ToroTimes did. I made sure to give you credit where credit is due. Your letter to Jacksonville is hilarious…as is the thought of Mr. Wrigley being a journalist.

  2. Adrian Molina says:

    you guys just have just made another fan! Bunch of whiny babies in Jacksonville

  3. Karen says:

    HAAAAAAlarious. Very well written Syracuse intern who is supposed to be on the mike soon (sorry I forgot your nickname on the show). I can’t wait for the follow-up from Jacksonville!!

  4. Ross Kelsey says:

    That was classic! Nothing says teaching your children about football more than blacking out every game.

  5. Trotter says:

    Yesterday’s show where you guys were ripping on Wrigley and Jax was too funny. Seriously, Wrigley writing a letter to the NFL smacks of the teacher’s pet always tattling on everyone.

    Suggestion: Wrigley either needs to have his man card revoked, or he needs to undergo a sex test.

  6. JagFan says:

    Well written. Seriously. Congratulate your 6-year-old on putting so many words together into sentences.

    Enjoy your umpteenth 8-8 record by season’s end!

    1. Torro says:

      Even assuming the Texans go 8-8 this season:
      1)that would only be their third 8-8 season,
      2)that would be a hell of a lot better record than the Jags will end up with.

    2. Boomer Risner says:

      hey JagFan, even if it was written by a 6 year old, that just goes to show how much quicker kids learn in Texas, I don’t see any 6 year old Florida kids writing letters that aren’t misspelled beyond legibility. So put nicely, kiss out @sses! We will send you a post card from the AFC Championship Game!

      1. LumberjackTX says:

        Nice reply Kevin

    3. Trotter says:

      Let me guess – you’re Wrigley’s boyfriend and feel compelled to defend his honor. Isn’t that sweet. You fellas might want to check out the Montrose area the next time you come to Houston to watch another Jags loss.

  7. Allen Lewis says:

    If you got your head stepped on, it means your sorry ass was laying on the ground.

  8. daniel says:

    Nice letter i bet we can take our texas youth football team an beat them up an down the field.

  9. Stephen says:

    We all know that if the Jags won they wouldn’t be whining like they are. The Texans aren’t the pushovers they were known for. The Jags and their media need to get the sand out of their you know what and quit making excuses to hide the fact that they came up short on Sunday

  10. Brandon says:

    This is cute. Looks like Dallas’ little brother got offended that they got called out, and since your media has nothing better to talk about, you decided to just make off color jokes about a city. Yeah, fun… I hope you have a fun time in your first playoff loss. It took EVERY single team in the division having a bad year for you guys to make it in. At least you have something to cheer about…. how are the Astros, and the Rockets doing, BTW? Yeah…. anyway, have fun explaining away a loss to the Jags in a couple weeks, another mediocre season, followed by another 10 years of mediocrity. It’s about all your city is good for.

    1. George says:

      Hahahaha Dallas’ little brother huh? Forget that Houston will always be the most important and largest city in the state. What’s Dallas good for? Metrosexuals? being the new Buffalo Bills of baseball? One strike away, twice… that’s gotta hurt. Especially when your rival kicks your ass 34-7 two days later. Hahaha!

    2. KBD says:

      Really??? I apologize in advance for having to untwist your perception of reality with facts…

      First, the media… 1) the Jacksonville media deemed it necessary to call the Texans a dirty team and to complain/whine like three year old girls to the league, 2) the Houston media decided to send a tongue in cheek reply, 3) Jag fans and the Jacksonville media are now offended… learn to laugh a little, you’ll live longer.

      Second, mediocrity… 1) the Texans lead the lifetime series against Jacksonville by a game, 2) David Carr was 6-4 as a starter against the Jags while with the Texans, 3) since the Texans inaugural season, they have matched Jacksonville’s number of divison titles over that same time period with none. Now, let’s apply the rules of logic. I will concede that the Texans have been a mediocre team at best since joining the league. If the Texans are mediocre, they lead the lifetime series against Jacksonville, Jacksonville is one of the few teams that David Carr had a winning record against, and the Texans and Jags have the same number of division titles since the Texans inaugural season, what does that say about Jacksonville? Welcome to Football Mediocrity Hell… you’re right here with us, if not a step below.

      Finally, did you really want to bring baseball and basketball into the mix? The Astros and Rockets have been less than stellar the last few seasons; however, both have had some success in the past. What did Jacksonville’s baseball and basketball teams do recently? Well, at least you have football… for now… at least until the Jags move to a city that will support a team (instead of trying to hide vacant seats) or to Los Angeles, where the NFL wants a team, even if the fans don’t care.

      Enjoy your professional football, while it lasts… once the NFL leaves Jacksonville, it won’t be back, and the other major sports will never be there. Oh yeah, try not to take everything you hear and read so seriously. I hear that laughter can actually be healthy.

    3. hector g says:


    4. DeeVeeAnt says:

      Little brother?.. coming from a city that has “ville” as part of its name? Looky here Jacksonvillage, not only do you look and sound foolish whining like a red headed step-child (oh sorry you are THE red-headed stepchild to the likes of Miami) but you are about to loose the one thing that even put you on the long distance radar asides from your high foreclosure rate, high crime rate and even higher drop-out rate. Come back when you grow up, but until then take the beating you deserved and you will like it!

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