Quick, name the 5 best defenses in the NFL.

Did you call out the Packers? The Bears? The 49ers? Well it’s pretty easy to list if you are a Texans fan, just take a gander at a Texans schedule. If you haven’t noticed yet, the Texans are halfway through playing their way through the AFC North. Which, as it turns out, is home to 4 of the 5 best defenses in the NFL through 8 weeks? Who is the other hard-nosed, bad ass defense to round out the top 5 spots? Look no further than your home town team.

That’s right, the current standings for total defense are as follows…

1. Baltimore Ravens

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

3. Houston Texans

4. Cincinnati Bengals

5. Cleveland Browns

That’s not bad company when you consider that they finished last season 30th overall, installed a completely new defensive system, and did it in a lockout year without OTA’s. The Texans’ Defense has not just played at a high level through half of the season; they have actually won games for this organization rather than losing them like in 2010.

Don’t expect these ranking to stay where they are after week nine. I expect the potent offensive of the Texans to knock off the Browns, and make way for the Chargers to come aboard.

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