Texas Gun Instructor Refuses to Teach Muslims How to Handle Firearms

MASON, Texas (AP) — On a YouTube clip that has gone viral, brash Texas handgun instructor Crockett Keller defiantly tells Muslims and non-Christian Arabs he won’t teach them how to handle a firearm.

State officials see the ad as possible discrimination, and may revoke Keller’s instructor license.

Tens of thousands of YouTube viewers have watched the $175 ad for Keller’s business in the small community of Mason, which has won him a handful of admirers but that embarrassed locals say misrepresents their community. Muslim groups dismissed the 65-year-old as a bigot.

Among the couple of thousand residents in the Central Texas town, Keller has other reputations.

“He’s a character and likes attention,” said Diane Eames, a jeweler with a downtown shop in Mason’s quaint town square.

Keller has received plenty of attention since his radio spot on a rural country music station in Mason County, about 100 miles east of Austin, went viral on the Internet. Keller said he whipped up the script on his iPad in 10 minutes. The ad quit airing last week.

“If you are a socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner-in-chief, please do not take this class,” Keller says in the ad’s closing seconds, also taking a swipe at President Barack Obama. “You’ve already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision as required under the law. Also, if you are a non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you this class. Once again, with no shame, I am Crockett Keller.”

The Texas Council on American-Islamic Relations called the ad ugly rhetoric undeserving of media attention. Others have called Keller’s phone number from the ad to personally tell him worse, including alleged death threats.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is now investigating whether to revoke or suspend Keller’s license to teach concealed handgun courses.

“Conduct by an instructor that denied service to individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion would place that instructor’s certification by the Department at risk of suspension or revocation,” the department said in a statement.

Inside a remote highway cabin on the edge of the Llano River, where a draped, full-size cannon is parked across from his desk, Keller said he was inspired to make the ad after being “flabbergasted” by a couple neighbors who left the state to campaign for Obama. As for refusing to teach Muslims, Keller described that as an afterthought tacked onto the spot, which he couldn’t remember but said was likely generated from something in the news.

“I got to thinking, ‘Hmm, I’m arming the enemy,'” Keller said.

Of course, even Keller knows that Muslims were unlikely to show up at his door asking to take his $100 course.

Mason County, as Eames described it, is “white bread” — the population was 93 percent Caucasian in the latest census, and all Republican statewide candidates won with at least 70 percent of the vote in 2010. Keller said he wasn’t aware of any Muslims in Mason County, nor could a handful of locals name one.

Eames and Joyce Arnold, a real estate agent, said they worried about the radio spot embarrassing the city. Eames ran what she described as a successful sex-toy business in Mason before opening the jewelry store, and Scott Haupert, co-owner of the Sandstone Cellars Winery, said Mason is more tolerant than Keller’s comments would suggest.

“I voted for Obama and I’ll vote for Obama again,” said Haupert, an avowed Democrat. “If I signed up to take his gun control class, he would not reject me.”

But Keller has also won over some fans. As he spoke with a reporter in his cabin, rancher Clyde McCarley knocked on his door and asked about signing up for a class.

“It’s mighty dadgum interesting to me that some people can say anything they want, and you make a statement and they bring down the house on you,” McCarley said.

Mustafaa Carroll, executive director of the Texas Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the group is watching how the state responds to Keller’s ad and whether the agency revokes his instructor license.

“We try not to give too much credibility to some of these people who do outlandish things,” Carroll said. “But there are some issues that we do have to address.”

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  • mike

    He has a right under the Constitution and bill of rights. He doesn’t have to teach anybody he doesn’t want to. It is freedom of choice. He may lose money for his business but that is given right as a United States citizen. Too all those that disagree move to a place with sharia law where women get killed for being raped. And to all other Get in the Ring.

    • Michael

      No, he doesn’t have the right to withold goods or services based on race or religion. It’s against the law.

      • tbirdszz

        I thought a business had the right to refuse service to anyone. I recall a landscape company here in Texas refusing to do work for a gay couple. More power to them. As I recall they received a far amount of communty support. Imagine that someone putting morals before money

      • Phyllis D Anderson

        Michael you are a dumb ass and should go back to your crayons and coloring books. If you want to be a big boy and actually read the Constitution then come and join the conversation.

      • Hotpocket

        Actually., all businesses in the state of texas have the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.

      • Not Happy Camper

        There is also a law that states that an individual has the right to refuse to serve anyone in a restaurant….guess it applies to other businesses as well. I wouldn’t teach a muslim how to use a firearm either! Let them strap on and use their suicide bombs.

      • Winston

        He can withhold services from anyone. The state may choose to take away his ability to teach state training courses. However as a certified firearms instructor I can attest to the fact that the NRA has the best courses anywhere. And as an instructor I can and do reject anyone I deem unworthy of the course. This is my right because I paid to learn it and paid to teach it. Not to mention I have a responsibility to the communities, my country as well as to myself. I am not saying I agree with him on his views but I certainly support him in his decision. That is what makes America so great. If you own a business no one should be able to tell you who you have to serve or not. Usually you have 2 things happen with this kind of issue. One he loses business from those who don’t like what he has done. Or he will get more business from those that agree with what he has done. Let the people decide if he is wrong.

      • John Potts

        Mike He does have a right. I say he has a duty not to train our enemies. No way would I train a Muslim in any of my Infantry/counter-insurection skills, I would just love to dig up Ted Kennedy and do to his body what the English did to Cromwell. He is responsible, along with Fudge Packer Barney for all the Muslims who were allowed into America. You Liberals have done a good job of twisting what is evil into good. You shall pay for it in two places; on the streets of America and to Jehovah.

      • http://raylunajr.wordpress.com raylunajr

        All muslims are terrorist and our enemies? get a f@#king clue. its that kind of redneck rhetoric that will cause more problems that solutions.

      • Robert Birdwell

        RAYLUNA-TIC- JR:

        Read the Qur’an. It’s all about perversions, conquest and murder. Muslims treat women like filthy dogs. Muslim men are commanded to keep “strings of pearls” for the greatest sexual pleasure. Those strings of pearls, described in the Qur’an are little pre-pubescent boys. Old Muslim saying: “A goat for service, a woman for pleasure, a boy for ecstasy.”

        It’s been said that 98% of all Muslim men were passed around and sexually abused by their uncles; older male cousins and male friends of the family as very young boys. Muslims are sodomites. No wonder Muslim young men are so sexually warped, perverted, and so eager to commit murder and suicide.
        Muslims cannot be allowed into civilized western countries. To actually assimilate with us means denouncing Islam, but few if any will do so under the constant threat of death
        A Muslim’s highest duty is to engage in perpetual war with unbelievers to convert, enslave and murder us wherever they find us.

        The next time you see an Islamic Imam ask him just how women get into Islam’s paradise? If he is honest, and references the Qur’an, he will tell you, “as a slave to her martyred husband.” Of course she will have to compete with 72 to 1,000 virgin slaves Allah gives him as a reward for murder and being killed in the cause of Islam. Some paradise.

        Only the most craven moral, ethical, and intellectual coward would allow Muslims to leave the borders of their own pathetic countries, which more resemble an insane asylum than anything resembling a country, and enter a western country.

        That being said, I want all Muslims out of my country.

      • Robert McDaniel

        Robert, raylunajr is a filthy Muslim that is trolling a long dead thread. The Crusades actually were mostly defensive wars pushing back against Muslim aggression in the Holy Land. The Muslims were killing, enslaving, and holding ransom Christian pilgrims.

        He also tips his hand that he is a Jew hater with the Exodus comment. No surprise there as Muslims hate Jews.

        Funny he doesn’t mention how Muhammad was a mass murdering pedophile. One of those embarrassing “facts” about Islam. Islam is a cancer on this planet.

      • Robert Birdwell

        I figured as much.

        Americans should do a little research on these psychopaths.

        There’s “IslamWatch” and many other sites.

        Go to google and type in Muslim rape of women and girls in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

        Then LOCK AND LOAD!


      You are right Mike. Meanwhile Hezbollah Arabs are crossing our US Mexican borders in groups to threaten our USA….THESE LIBERALS ARE PROTECTING THEM!! You have the right to refuse to teach them to kill. Just look…the Muslim Community in US keep SILENT, IN SUPPORT OF THESE RADICALS…no one says “these terrorists are wrong…they SILENTLY SUPPORT AMERICA HATING RADICALS”

      • http://raylunajr.wordpress.com raylunajr

        hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…As a Mexican American i find this so hilarious that people actually think Arabs are using the border to cross. These extremist Republicans will say anything to make border security tighter! get a clue people.

    • BFee

      Get in the ring? Nice Guns N Roses reference!

      There will be a day of great sorrow for the Muslims in this world. It just shows how a distorted religon can be made to make people follow an agenda. Just like Christians throughout the first century and the second.

      BTW… These idiots send death threats to a gun instructor? Really? Anyone see the irony in this. He can probably at on a small force of this idealist. Plus they will probably be cowards and bomb him and anyone else who happens to in the area.

      The joke of a prophet is a false god!

      • staesrule

        Christians centuries ago were on a mission to stop the slaughter of the jews by the moslem caliphates. Read about the journey from France to Jerusalem. There was call of protection from barbarism defined in the Koran…as evidence in Saudi Arabia they publicly mutilate people today…this has been going on for centuries

      • Santiago Matamoros

        No, Muslims are NOT “just like Christians throughout the first century and the second.”

        They were following the Son of God Who committed no sin, spoke only the truth, healed the sick, raised the dead, died for the sins of the whole world, and resurrected, commanding His people to love even their enemies.

        On the other hand, Muhammad preached and practiced genocide, pedophilia, rape, slavery, torture, mutilation, theft, extortion, polygyny, wife-beating religious and gender apartheid, deceit, treason, and blasphemy, claiming that “Allah made me do it, and you will too, or else!”

        No, there is NO comparison.


      • http://raylunajr.wordpress.com raylunajr

        Its funny how you people know so little about Christianity. Ever heard of the Crusades? You know the Crusades, were Christians slaughtered Jews and Muslims living in the “Holy Land”? The same Crusades that Jews and Muslims living in the Holy Land fought the invading European Christians. Also a small fact there were Arab Christians living in the Holy land that were killed too! Here’s some other important history. Remember the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt? What did the Jews do? Kill every living thing that was occupying the Holy Land. Some more facts about Islam. Muslims dont believe Mohamad was a God. In fact they dont believe that any man is a God. They do however hold Jesus in high regards and the Virgin Mary holds the highest place in Islam that any women can hold. And by the way, discrimination for services to anyone base on Religion, Race, and Sex is illegal. Remember the whole civil rights movement? You know. The one that fought discrimination based on RACE!!!

  • Craig

    Once again the media calls a cobray flare launcher a “grenade launcher”

    • Ray Hollis


  • BJ

    Mason is west of Austin. What else is incorrect in the story?

    • Jim

      Y0ou expect accuracy in reporting? Lol lol.

  • jd

    A little refreshing sanity in an insane world—-

  • gunslinger

    Constitution guarantees freedom of association to do what one does or does not please. If they suspend his license it just may provoke attacks on mosques by some who support his willing to try and preserve what is left of the first amendment.

    • Robert Birdwell

      The United States is no place for an Islamic Military outpost euphemistically called a “religious mosque.”

      People had better educate themselves on the subject of Mohammed and Islam.

      The most outrageous lie ever foisted on humanity is the lie that says Islam is a religion.

      The most outrageous title ever bestowed on a charletan is the title of “Islamic Scholar.”

      If a movie was ever made of the life of Mohammed, it would be triple X rated for sex and violence and banned in most countries for sheer vileness.

  • robert g

    ““You’ve already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision as required under the law”

    Well he is right.

  • JustAGuy

    Nidal Malik Hasan

  • http://www.usacarry.com/forums/general-firearm-discussion/20635-texas-man-refuses-instruct-muslims-gun-handling.html#post240381 Texas Man Refuses To Instruct Muslims in Gun Handling

    […] […]

  • Glenn

    As I see it he has broken no law, he has not discriminated against anyone.He has the first amendment right of freedom of speech,’until he discriminates he hasn’t done anything illegal , if they pull his license , he will own their butt.

    • Them's the words

      The qualifications to be certified as an instructor does not include any statement concerning discrimination. Look it up. 411.172, Texas Government Code.

  • immawaitinforya

    Now think this through. He could have instructed them that the best way for these animals to learn how to shoot properly is to” place the barrel under the chin and squeeze the trigger.” Off to paradise you go. Buh-Bye.

    • Jacques de Molay

      bwaaa ha ha ha ha!!!!!

    • BFee

      Awesome. You are a wordsmith!

    • Dale

      That was great!!! Loved that one…

    • kSweetOlBob

      That is the OLD method. REsearch has showm that in order to become proficient with a firerm, one must be able to detect the sound of its report from all others. There, the new, more correct method is to place the muzzle in one ear and put the fhumb of the other hand in the opposite ear —- THEN pull the trigger.

  • Cincinnatus

    Well I guess you would have to call me a bigot also but I wouldn’t teach muslims in my CCW class either. islam is a cancer and despite the lies – there are no moderate muslims. Fact is I have turned down people for my class for all sorts of reason – mainly because I felt they shouldn’t be anywhere near a gun.

    Good for you Mr. Keller!

    • p dirt

      Most every business in our state has a sign posted prominantly that states “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” Many of the best firearms courses require a background check and it would be prudent for any instructor to refuse his sevices to anyone he felt was a bad risk. Mistakes can be permanent, and I commend him for his discernment and diligence.

  • R

    Muslims are historically known as the biggest bigots in history. Just examine the mid-east and all the “Muslim Countries” in that region. Their bigotry and intolerance has almost completely wiped out all other religion or customs on that part of the world.

    No surprise some folks want to preserve their way of life before the Muslims enforce theirs on us.

    • Rammrodd

      You hit the nail on the head! They are ONLY seconded by bigotry by liberals!!

  • Dad

    God Bless Crockett Keller.

  • Armed Texan

    The State will have to prove he actually denied service on the basis of religion
    to those who requested training. Just saying he won’t do it is not the same. I see a first ammendment lawsuit on the horizon.

    • Use the law

      What will that prove? There is no wording in the laws that govern qualifications as a concealed carry instructor that require him to teach everyone that asks. look it up. 411.172, Texas Government Code.

  • Don

    I think Muslims get their first AK47 at age 10, doubt many of them need training with guns anyway.

    • 51 Phantom

      This is not gun training per se, it is a concealed handgun course. Kinda hard to conceal that AK in your pants.

    • BFee


      That is why they are such great shots and such great warriors. Guess all that blowing themselves up and IDE stuff is because they are out of ammo.

      Bunch of f-ing cowards!

  • Latch

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but, Mr. Keller owns a private business and delivers a service to the public. If he provides a service, doesn’t he have the right to refuse service to whoever he chooses?

    • Mark Matis

      Not according to “Law Enforcement”. Unless, of course, he refuses service to someone who is NOT a Preferred Species. Won’t NEVER see “Law Enforcement” going after someone who refuses to serve a pale stale white male…

    • Paula Clark

      This is along the same lines that I was thinking…post a sign that you have to right to refuse service to anyone, as one sees in restaurants throughout the world, and THEY are never asked to clarify the basis for their actions…is this not the same thing? If his license gets revoked for this man following his convictions, I see a huge, expensive class action lawsuit on the horizon…after all, we USED to be called “land of the free, and home of the brave”, and we do have a “Bill of Rights” attached to our Constitution, even if there are people in public office who break those laws every day with impunity…I say, “God bless Mr. Keller, and I wish there were more men just like him!

      • Mark Matis

        You apparently are not aware of the hot dog stand that refused to serve its customers unless they ordered in English. Even though they were willing to HELP the customers do so, they were harassed by “Law Enforcement” quite heavily. They eventually won, but ONLY because they NEVER refused to sell their product to any customer who DID order in English.

        This man is licensed by the State of Texas, and as a result is subject to the civil rights laws thereof. As an offeror of a service to the public, he MAY NOT discriminate against any customer on the basis of their race, gender, or religion. Depending on the wording of those laws, he may not even be able to discriminate on the basis of their sexual preference. Now let me be VERY clear – if he was a Preferred Species, he would NEVER be bothered with having to comply with these laws. ANYONE WHO WANTS may refuse to serve a pale stale white male at ANY time, with NO consequences. Thank your friends in “Law Enforcement”, for it is THEY who are the enablers for this swill.

  • Sim Card

    American flight school instructors taught the 9-11 hijackers how to fly.

    • Fly Free

      Yes the world would be a better place if some Muslims had been refused flight lessons prior to 9-11.

      • Mark Matis

        Anybody who dared to try that would be rotting in jail for civil rights violations. The stench is overwhelming…

  • Bob Reed

    How different things would have been if we would have prevented them from taking flying lessons.

  • H Johnson

    I see no reason why this gentleman should be punished or chastized in any way for refusing to teach the enemy how to handle firearms. Islam is the enemy of everything American. No practitioner of Islam is to be trusted.

    • H Johnson

      Sorry “chastised”

  • Bin Drinkin

    Bin Laden’s friends teach them for free, but their retirement plan leaves something to be desired.

    • Achmed_The Dead Terrorist

      SILENCE! I keeeeel you!


      We should all help them to fulfill their early retirement!

  • Dave-o

    “Eames and Joyce Arnold, a real estate agent, said they worried about the radio spot embarrassing the city. Eames ran what she described as a successful sex-toy business in Mason before opening the jewelry store, and Scott Haupert, co-owner of the Sandstone Cellars Winery, said Mason is more tolerant than Keller’s comments would suggest.

    “I voted for Obama and I’ll vote for Obama again,” said Haupert, an avowed Democrat. “If I signed up to take his gun control class, he would not reject me.” ”

    1. Eames is worried that THIS will embarrass the city? What, were the city fathers proud of the sex-toy shop? Regular shoppers?

    2. Haupert is proof that despite all the evidence, some people are too unintelligent to see failure when it’s standing squarely in front of them.

    God bless you, Mr Keller. REAL Americans are behind you on this.

  • Mohammed was a perv

    Why doesn’t Mustafaa Carroll, executive director of the Texas Council on American-Islamic Relations, stand-up to the radicals muslims. I guess by “relations” they mean, America must be very tolerant of their ways and actually bend over backwards for them. i.e. businesses must allow them to take time out of the day to pray, allow them to wear masks/niqab, etc.. They want our society to change for them as they don’t want to assimilate into our society – the one in which they despise.

  • comprof

    At least one person left in America with some common sense.

  • Lids

    For some folks it’s better to be politically correct and see your family members die than it is to be right.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    So the Texas Dept of Public Safety is threatening to revoke the instructor’s license because he won’t teach gun use to people whose first allegiance is to the Koran rather than to the USA. That government dept ought to be horsewhipped.

    • Jacques de Molay

      What a wonderful idea! Lets teach Muslims, who are taught to kill all non-believers how to handle fire arms. Brilliant

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