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Jaguars Rip Texans For Dirty Play

By ANNA-MEGAN RALEY, SportsRadio 610

Jaguars defensive end Jeremy Mincey ranted claims of the Texans being a dirty team following their 24-14 loss at Houston. He says one of the Texans players stepped on his head when he was on the ground after a play and that multiple players got him with cheap shots.

“Hopefully, he gets fined,” Mincey said about the unnamed Texans player he claims stepped on him. “They are some nasty guys. All of them weren’t like that – just a few of them. I can’t pinpoint anybody.  just got cheap-shotted a few times.”


Mincey says he didn’t retaliate against the Texans.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right. I’m not going to stoop down to their level.”

These claims come days after Jaguars nose tackle Terrance Knighton publicly announced his hate for Houston and the Texans, saying they have an “arrogance about them”.

Knighton still had more backlash to dish about the Texans after the loss.

“I still don’t like them; and I have no respect for the at all,” said Knighton, who had a poster of Texans running back Arian Foster taped up in locker. “We’ll see them again.”

The Jaguars defense did force two Texans turnovers, but Foster still carried the ball 33 times for 112 yards and one touchdown against the Jaguars defense Sunday.

Like Mincey, Knighton refused to credit those anonymous “dirty” players.

“I just don’t like them,” Knighton added. “I’m not going to get into names, but we play them again.”

The Texans (5-3)  are 3-0 in the division, while the Jaguars (2-6) are 1-1 in AFC South. The rival teams will meet again in Jacksonville on Nov. 27.

  • sap6875

    Man whats up with these players complaining about trash talk and dirty play. Insnt this the NFL as in National Football League or is it moving to Noncontact Football League. they gonna be talking about this all week on th NFL Network. jus like they did with the Falcons/Lions game.

  • TexansHonk

    Well, at least they are not being called “soft anymore…

    From one extreme to the next I guess…

  • Joe

    Hey Mincey and Knighton. I hope you two bring your big girl panties when we show up in Jacksonville and bring another FOOTBALL game to your house in front of your dozens of fans.

  • DaveH

    Wow! It feels good to be the big bad bully in the division!

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