By DAN MATHEWS, SportsRadio 610

For the past couple of weeks, the Texans have not put forth the high performance running attack that people have come to expect with Arian Foster and company in the back field.  Some would maybe point to the fact that Foster missed most of the preseason and at least two games in the regular season.

Some would also point to the recent struggles and say, that it’s because the Texans have been without Andre Johnson and James Casey.  The numbers back up the argument in their past two losses to the Raiders and Ravens.  Against Oakland the Texans ran for a total of just 70 yards.  They did not fare much better against the Ravens, when Ben Tate and Derrick Ward were both in uniform, the team left Baltimore with a total of 93 yards.

 “Oh yeah, it’s only two games.”  Tate said.  “There’s going to be games where maybe we don’t pass the ball as well or run the ball as well.”

Tate carried the ball nine times for 41 yards in his return against the Ravens from a groin injury.

But on Wednesday Gary Kubiak pointed to the fact that the primary running back Arian Foster might not be performing like he did last year because he’s overcompensating for a lot of things. “Sometimes I think he might be pressing a little bit,” Kubiak said.  He continues by saying, “He just needs to settle down and play.”  “He’s about a month behind the team as far as practicing and game reps, but he will catch up and he’s working very hard.”

Foster respectfully disagreed with his head coach today.  “Am I pressing?  No, I obviously want to make an impact for my team, but I’m not trying to do anything extra or out of my characteristics,” Foster said.  He also added, “We just got not panic, you know?  It’s two games.”

But on Thursday, Gary Kubiak was a little more descriptive on how he feels about the recent running game struggles.  “Yeah, I’m concerned.  I think we played a team last week (Ravens) that we knew was going to be a tough to run the ball on, so I understand that.  But he continues with saying that he wants his team to be the best on the ground.  “It’s like I’ve told ya’ll before, my expectations for us running the ball are very high and a lot of people would be happy with where they are running the ball right now,” Kubiak said.  “We’re in the top 10 in the League, but for our team to be successful, we need to be striving to be at the top, so it’s very important.”

The Texans will face another tough test on the ground this Sunday against the Titans 10th ranked rush defense, that has only allowed an average of 3.8 yards per carry and one touchdown from a run play.


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