So not all the action is in the sky at this weekend’s Wings Over Houston air show, now in it’s 27th year.

There will be plenty to do and see with tons of displays and attractions to grab your attention! In addition to displays, there will be a motion simulator ride, kid’s carnival and more!

Modern Aviation Displays

Spread throughout the Airshow are numerous static (non-flying) displays of modern military and civilian aircraft. Tour the inside of a “Hurricane Hunter”, walk through a massive cargo transport, examine all types of helicopters, training aircraft, experimental planes, and more! You can visit with the pilots and crew of the planes and maybe even grab an autograph or giveaway token.

Static Display Aircraft
Participating aircraft subject to change without notice.
(C) = Confirmed (T) = Tentative (x2) = More than one
B-52 Bomber, Barksdale (C)
RC-135 Rivet Joint, Offutt (C)
WC-130 Hurricane Tracker, Keesler (C)
NASA C-9 Zero-G (C)
NASA Super Guppy (C)
A-10 Thunderbolt (x3), Whiteman (x2) and
Barksdale (x1) (C)
F-4 Phantom, Tyndall (C)
F-15 Eagle, New Orleans (C)
F-16 Falcon, Tulsa (C)
F-5 Agressor, Top Gun Fallon (T)
F-16 Falcon Agressor, Top Gun Fallon (T)
F-18 Hornet Agressor, Top Gun Fallon (T)
F-18C Hornet, VFA-204 New Orleans (C)

E/A-18G Growler, Whidby (T)
T-45 Goshawk (x2), Kingsville (C)
T-45 Goshawk, Pensacola (T)
T-38 Talon, Whiteman (C)
T-1A Jayhawk, Randolph (C)
AH-64 Apache, Ellington (C)
CH-46 Sea Knight (x2), Miramar(C)
HH-65 Daulphine, USCG Ellington (C)
Ea-6B, Cherry Point (T)
E-2C Hawkeye (T)
C-2 Greyhound (T)
Hawk 128 AJT (C)
AT-802U (C)
Warbird Ramp Displays

One section of our Airshow grounds is our Warbird Ramp which will have dozens of historic World War II, Korean, and Vietnam era aircraft on display. You can take a tour inside or walk over the wing of some and get a close-up view. Visit the pilot and crew and maybe you can even sit in the pilot’s seat! Historians will give tours and short talks about many of the aircraft.

Please note: The Warbird Ramp closes at approximately 11:30am each performance day so that these aircraft can “crank up” and fly in the show.

Heroes & Legends Autograph Tent

Meet aviation and military legends and heroes at our Autograph Tent. Throughout the day, flying aces, decorated war-heroes, and veterans will be present to sign autographs. Many of these living legends will also offer for sale copies of their autobiographies and other memorabilia.

For more information, visit the WOH Legends & Heroes Autograph Tent page

Special Aircraft Displays

Red Tail P-51C and the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit

The goal of the CAF Red Tail Squadron’s RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit is to share with everyone the inspiring legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen – America’s first black military pilots and their crewmen. Their courage, determination and ability to triumph over adversity during World War II can serve to inspire others about how to succeed today.

Red Tail is a very rare P-51C, restored and dedicated to the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. This P-51C with its bright red tail is one of only 4 C-models left flying. Its mission is now an educational one, helping people – particularly young people – understand and appreciate the history and legacy of a special group of black pilots who fougth the Nazis during WWII – the Tuskegee Airmen.

The RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit is an impressive, multi-media display housed in a mobile 30-seat temperature-controlled movie theater with 180-degree screen. The inspiring movie highlights how a group of black men overcame the obstacles to be allowed to train and fight as U.S. Army Air Corps pilots, and how more than 10,000 black men and women also trained hard to support the pilots, and what courage and determination they exhibited then still means to all Americans today. The movie also gives the viewer a brief feel for what it’s like to pilot a Mustang!

CAF Red Tail Squadron and RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit –

BAE Systems Hawk AJT

The Hawk 128 is the new Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT) from BAE Systems for the RAF and Royal Navy and is a proposed replacement for the aging T-38 trainer as part of the USAF’s T-X program.

The Mk.128 includes modern LCD displays instead of older instrumentation, and allows preparation for flying modern fighter aircraft, particularly the all “glass” Typhoon and the new F-35 Lightening ii. It is used to train aircrew for Harrier, Tornado and Typhoon. The Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT) is the latest version of the world’s most successful advanced jet training aircraft, outperforming and outselling all other aircraft in its class.

Two Hawk Advanced Jet Trainers will be on display alongside the Hawk Advanced Jet Training System (AJTS) National Road Show demonstration trailer. This travelling exhibit includes video, simulations and interactive exhibits illustrating the unique features of the entire integrated training system.

BAE Systems Hawk 128 AJT –

Air Tractor AT-802U

The Air Tractor® AT-802U is an economical single engine turboprop aircraft designed for surveillance, precision strike, and rugged dirt strip utility missions. The AT-802U combines an 8,000-lb. (3,629 kg) payload and 10-hour ISR mission capability with the flexibility and responsiveness of a manned weapon system – for a fraction of the cost of unmanned aerial vehicle systems.

The AT-802U brings firepower in close where it is needed and at the best speed for maximum effect. Capable of employing a large arsenal of weaponry, the aircraft has been built to employ dual .50 cal. GAU-19/A three-barrel Gatling guns, dual M260 7-tube rocket launchers, and 500 lb. Mk-82 bombs on nine wing and fuselage hard points (expandable to 15 hard points). The AT-802U is also configurable for more advanced systems depending on customer requirements. Laser guided ordnance, helmet mounted displays, fire control systems, survivability systems, and sensor payloads could all be incorporated into this robust aircraft.

Air Tractor AT-802U –

Air Tractor “Fire Boss” AT-802F

For over a decade now, the Air Tractor AT-802F has served with distinction at the front lines of wildfires around the globe. As an initial attack air tanker, the AT-802F is appreciated among aerial firefighting circles as a fast, maneuverable aircraft that’s both operationally effective and economical. Designed from the wheels up to fight wildfires, it uses an advanced, patented computer-controlled firegate to deliver optimum coverage levels with extreme accuracy.

Equipped with amphibious floats, Air Tractor’s AT-802F “Fire Boss” adds yet another dimension of capability for fire fighters. It can scoop 820 gallons of water in 30 seconds and be on its way again to the front lines in just minutes.

With the ability to work as a land-based aircraft or a scooper, the “Fire Boss” can drop an initial load of retardant then remain close to the fire by scooping water from a nearby lake.

Air Tractor “Fire Boss” AT-802F –

Commemorative Air Force

Visit the Commemorative Air Force’s Hangar 57 information booth and PX. The CAF is proud to be the producer of the Wings Over Houston Airshow, and our Headquarters operation will be well represented at Hangar 57. The friendly staff and volunteers of the CAF will answer your questions, provide lots of information and literature, and even sign you up as the newest member of the CAF! The Hangar 57 PX has official CAF merchandise for sale.

The West Houston Squadron and the Gulf Coast Wing of the CAF (the two units that are the primary producers of WOH) are located throughout the airshow grounds with their own unit PX’s selling CAF and aviation-related souvenirs. They also operate the Official Airshow PX’s selling the official Wings Over Houston T-shirts, caps, and other collectible airshow merchadise at several satellite souvenir booths. Stop by and grab an official WOH T-shirt or cap!

Military Reenactor Camp

The soldiers on the ground are remembered with display areas featuring military reenactor groups who bring their authentic WWII military vehicles, equipment and uniforms. See how the man in the trenches lived during WWII. The reenactors also take part in the Airshow providing ground activity during many of the WWII battle recreations.

6th Cavalry Association –
Military Museum of Texas –

NASA Displays

Very nearby to Ellington Airport is Space Center Houston and the massive NASA Johnson Space Center, home of the United States’ space program. Stop by the NASA display at the Airshow and meet NASA personnel (and maybe even an astronaut) while you and the kids enjoy their interactive exhibits. NASA aircraft in their distinctive white and blue paint schemes are on display throughout the Airshow grounds. Be sure and check them out, possibly including the NASA “Super Guppy” transport aircraft, originally used to move Saturn V rocket parts, Shuttle parts, and ISS components.

The NASA Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) features pivoting wheels that enable “crab style” sideways movement, which helps the vehicle maneuver over difficult terrain. Astronauts can drive the mobility chassis without the pressurized cabin, by riding in rotating turrets while wearing spacesuits. The modular design allows various tools – winches, cable reels, backhoes, cranes and bulldozer blades – to be attached for special missions.

The SEV just recently returned to Johnson Space Center after a month in the badlands of Arizona undergoing testing and trials with NASA astronauts.

NASA will display its Morpheus Lander Vertical Test Bed rocket at Wings Over Houston. The system manufactured by Armadillo Aerospace of Rockwall, Texas, will be used to test various space components. The rocket is capable of being launched, “hovering” at various altitudes, moving sideways and returning to its original launch site. The system has been recently test flown at the Johnson Space Center (with interesting results!) and the SpacePort in New Mexico.

Also on display will be an inflatable display of the Orion Spacecraft.

SpaceCenter Houston –

Motion Simulator Rides

A popular feature of the Airshow are the M-4 motion simulator rides which provide realistic views and sensations from inside modern aircraft such as the Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, or one of many other high-performance thrills.

Kid’s Carnival

We don’t want to leave out the little ones and younger set who have their own area of special activities of carnival-style games and activities, such as inflatable slides and challenges, facepainting and crafts for tots, rock-climbing wall, Power Jumper, and Water Wars. Activities are provided by outside vendors who may charge a separate fee to play.

Merchandise Booths

What festival show wouldn’t be complete without lots of vendors who offer unique collectible and souvenir merchandise. Grab a set of authentic dogtags, that unique piece of artwork, a toy for the kids, a new set of earrings, or an official Wings Over Houston Airshow t-shirt. There are many booths to shop!

Stop by the Commemorative Air Force booths for official shirts, caps, pins, dog tags, toys, and other collectible merchandise!


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