You Make The Call: Could Schaub Have Scored?

By JOHN P. LOPEZ, SportsRadio 610
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(credit: Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Here is the play that we’re calling. It’s the most talked-about five-yards in Texans history.

Should Matt Schaub have just barreled in, given his body up, or did he make the right decision trying to lob the ball?

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marcjohn1 You Make The Call: Could Schaub Have Scored?

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  • Bigcoolness

    No he would not have made it. I don’t think he will ever win a close game. Boobieack and Schaub both look like they get to scared to finish a game. I also think Schaub will go down and we will see Matt Lietnier finish the season. I am not sure if he could do any better either.

  • Brandon

    there’s no way. If you pause it at the 5 second mark, the safety is nearly at the goal line

  • Larry Ginsberg

    throw an incomplete and try one last play Jones was covered.

  • duesch

    I guess we’ll never know…

  • Texans Rock!

    Nope he wouldn’t have made it. The safety was quick and had a good angle on Schaub’s lane. He made the right decision to throw the ball and made the most of the situation. He could have made a better decision and throw the ball into the back corner, but then jacobi jones could have helped him out as well. From what i saw, jacobi was open for a split second a second or two before Schaub actually threw it. Schaub threw it a second late and that’s why it was intercepted. But the offense and special teams could have played much better overall. Didn’t Schaub and the Texans have a lot of come from behind games last year? I don’t see why everyone is putting Schaub down. I do admit that he hasn’t been as crisp as he was last year and the offense is off to a slow start so far. I believe they’ll make the playoffs and then you never know what’ll happen.( ie NY Giants.) GO Texans!!

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