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Marriages in many parts of the world are symbolized by each partner wearing a wedding band, but engagements are symbolized by the big sparkly ring on her left hand.

In recent gossip news, we learned about a local doctor suing his ex-fiancé for the engagement ring and several thousand dollars, which he spent on her for an apartment and other expenses.

Nobody but the woman in this case really knows if she truly loved the doctor, but her selfishness is obvious to everyone since she’s been holding onto the ring. She enjoyed a luxurious life during her relationship with the wealthy man, but she does not need to hold onto such a symbolic piece of jewelry if she doesn’t wish to go through with the nuptials.

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Ladies, dates cannot be returned; movies cannot be unseen, and special moments cannot be reversed. Time spent cannot be undone. Gifts shouldn’t be sent back unless it’ll help make things more amicable. But the ring – the most symbolic item of a relationship – should be given back respectfully if the love it represented is lost.

Holding onto what was such a special representation of two people vowing to love each for eternity is despicable.

On that note, the ring in the photo above is definitely something I’d agree to wear if the future Mr. AMR were to offer; but I don’t say yes to the things I don’t believe in.

Have some manners, people. It’s much more becoming.

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