There are no set  hours any adult is suppose to get.  Doctors do recommend 8 or more hours of sleep for adults. Everyone is different and may  require different amounts of sleep.  One person may need less sleep to feel fully rested and someone else may need more hours to feel more productive.

Not getting enough sleep can be very detrimental to your relationships.  Here  are just some of the most serious consequences that can happen from chronically not getting enough sleep.

  • You become impossibly self-centered. When you do not get enough sleep you subconsciously  start trying to do things with less effort to make the little energy you have last longer. If your spouse tells you that her relative is in the hospital, you might question if you even need to be there or how short can the visit be.
  • Sleep deprived individuals become more disengaged and reflect continuous disinterest. Your family, spouse and friends will find it hard to hold conversations with the sleep deprived individual. Your brain will use your body to communicate how tired you really are.  They will start to look more and more like the dark-eyed, pale-faced zombies from bad 1970’s horror movies. Seriously sleep deprived individuals will respond with more sighs, shoulder shrugs  and vacant stares.
bugged eys  Sleep Deprivation Can Ruin Your Relationships

One of those sleepless zombies I was telling you about. (credit: Raul Arboleda/AFP/Getty Images)

  •  The ability to listen begins to diminish. In your brain’s attempt to use the little bit of energy remaining,  it will begin to focus on only the important points of the conversation.  Listening, halfheartedly, can cause severe problems.  The tired listener will miss joking tones, loving emphasis or serious verbal cues.  This will eventually lead others to believe the listener does not care, does not have a sense of humor, is not really listening or is just not as loving.
  •  The sleep deprived have a higher risk of obesity and diabetes.  Individuals that stay up more will cause imbalances in hormones that suppress hunger. Taking in more calories can result in a larger waist line.  This could also lead to glucose tolerance and diabetes.
  • Failure to fully recharge at night can cause you to be an over reactive grumpy person.  A request for a simple favor can come off as an overbearing demand.
  • Increased memory loss and risk of mental illness.  Not sleeping enough can impair your brain’s ability to learn,  retain memories, and process information.
  • Your inability to go to sleep can effect your partner in negative ways. Being awake at all hours and stirring around in bed next to your partner can disrupt your partner’s sweet dreams. The symptoms then will spread to your partner as their sleep decreases.

It is important to find out how much sleep you need and to get enough so that you can be productive and happy. Many of the symptoms of sleep deprivation can be reversed before long-term consequences become permanent.


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