By NATE GRIFFIN, SportsRadio 610

Baylor has not dropped the lawsuit against Texas A&M for wanting to pull out of the Big XII and enter ‘top-dawg’, SEC. The Bears have every right to sue in an attempt to hold the Texas collegiate teams together. According to reports, that was their main reason and of course, it does hurt the bottom line when considering who is left and what will happen with the television revenue once the Big XII falls below 10 teams. Problem is stopping the process from taking its course looks unlikely.

Unfortunately, there is precedent established for institutions leaving a major conference in favor of what is thought to be a better conference, or a better situation, and not having to face the consequences of a lawsuit. Just go back to 2003 when five Big East schools attempted to sue Miami and Boston College for making the move to the ACC. Filing suit did not work.

Baylor is a great institution with rich history and tradition, whether or not they have received offers or calls from top tier conferences to join is still a question. But if their goal is to hold the Big XII together, it might be a little too late if they’re hoping to stop Texas A&M, especially after just hearing this week that Oklahoma officials are planning to meet on Monday to discuss conference affiliation and legal ramifications of a move.

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