Mayor Extends Parks’ Burn Ban To Include Smoking


In an effort to protect the city from danger, Mayor Annise Parker signed an executive order extending the City’s temporary burn ban to include smoking in City parks. The smoking ban applies to lighted cigars, cigarettes, pipes or any other device used for the burning of tobacco or other plant material.

Mayor Parker banned the use of barbecue grills and all other outdoor burning in City parks during the ongoing drought. With the addition of the smoking ban, the City’s policy is now consistent with Harris County’s burn ban. Violations of the mayor’s executive order carry fines of up to $2,000 per offense. The executive order will remain in effect until drought conditions improve.

See The Executive Order Here.

  • Bob

    Bar patrons now use fire resistant ashtrays. Forcing them outside into the wind with an indoor smoking ban would be really senseless.

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