By BRIEN STRAW, SportsRadio 610

Hey forty year guy who thought those Maryland uniforms looks completely hideous and non-traditional (see: ME!), guess who’s been trending on all those social media outlets the “kids” live on today.  That’s right, it’s Maryland.

Fear the Turtle, cause they’re going at making a mostly irrelevant football program relevant.  If the Terps beat the suspension leftovers from Miami, nobody cares. Two middle of the road ACC teams on a Monday night – let’s re-watch Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage from Sunday night. But today, everybody is talking about Maryland – perhaps more specifically their uniforms, but when was the last time the Terps football team was a part of your conversation?  (Can you say never?) Last night’s “Maryland State Pride” uniform is getting more play than the Randy Edsell leaving Big East Champion UConn for College Park following this past January’s Fiesta Bowl.

How are those “ugly” uniforms working for Maryland now?  Pretty dam well.  Be honest, you can name more uniform combos at Oregon than you can guys playing for the Ducks.  How relevant was the Oregon football team before Nike founder Phil Knight decided to use the Ducks uniform as his personal dry erase board. Now they’re a Top 10 program – despite the white-washing at the hands of LSU.

I say it often, we’re a copy cat world.  Smart people follow smart people.  Oregon’s uniforms made the Ducks football program relevant.  Maryland’s copying the Phil Knight model. Smart.


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