Football season is here. All across the country high schools have begun playing, the college season officially started Thursday night, and the NFL will kick off their 2011 campaign September 11th.

There is sure to be all sorts of memorable games in college and the pro’s. Great catches will be made, great games will be played, ones that will stay with us for a long time. Players will decline, others will begin to make names for themselves. Gotta love football right? There is still a purity at the pro level, you have to search long and hard sometimes to find it, but it is there…isn’t it?

We’ll just assume it’s there, OK?

However, that’s not the case in Ohio right now. There are plenty of fans and parents of players for Louisville High School in Ohio that feel like purity is lost today.

I’m not talking about the purity the game itself brings either. I’m talking about the kind the heart brings.

Alex Schooley, a wide receiver for Louisville High School, paid tribute to a friend he lost in a car accident last week after he caught the go-ahead touchdown with 1:15 left in their opening game. He was flagged for excessive celebration and it basically cost his team the game. Schooley’s team, Louisville, couldn’t stop Walsh Jesuit from knocking in a last second field goal to win it after they’d been given excellent field position because of the excessive celebration penalty.

How did he pay tribute you ask? Well you’ll see for yourself in the video I’ve provided, but he simply pointed to the sky as a tribute to his dead friend. It lasted about 2 seconds, the entire celebration lasted about 10 seconds, maybe a bit longer but wasn’t anything ridiculous. Very appropriate under the circumstances if you ask me, though you haven’t asked me.

Check it out! Let me know what you think, feel free to leave a comment!


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