By A. Miranda, CBS Houston

Whether its your first time packing junior off to school or you’re a seasoned pro looking for more ways to make your daughter’s first day better than last year’s fiasco, this is the guide to help getting ready for back-to-school easier.

First, make sure vaccinations and medical documents are completely updated before registration. Making sure your physical, and mental capacities are in working order is a necessity. Identifying challenges brought on by developmental, physical, or mental needs can greatly reduce stress on a child just starting or returning to school. A child that has been diagnosed with special needs can be assigned in-school professionals, therapists, or placed in classes to help children adapt to their own individualized educational needs.

Second thing on the list, is to contact the child’s school via website, email, phone, or by snail mail to find out about what supplies and clothes will be mandatory. Go through the list with your child and be positive as you review the list. Your child will be less likely to break one of these rules if the parent supports the school in the very beginning.

Next, get your list together for school supply hunting. School shopping is probably the most fun part of getting ready to go back to school. Children see this as a way to have freedom of choice. Parents with children old enough to appreciate shopping can give their children choices based on cost, sturdiness, style, or a combination of those things.

When you get home, this is a good time to talk about and demonstrate responsible ownership. Place your child’s name on all of their belongings such as jackets, gloves, umbrella, crayola boxes, notebooks, and other items that will remain in a desk, cubby hole, or at an unsecured locker. School supplies need to have their names affixed so that lost items can be returned and to prevent any future confusion about what belongs to who later on.
Fourth, go to the new school orientation. Most schools offer open house parties before the school year starts. The purpose of these orientations are to allow parents to tour the school, learn about faculty, administration, and the school’s leadership. This is a good time to introduce your child to her new teachers, ask questions and explore the school.

backtoschool How To Get Ready For Going To School

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Now is time to start getting your child back on a good sleep schedule for school. Young children require more sleep time than adults to recharge their minds and bodies. See WebMDfor how much sleep time is needed for your child’s age group.

Lastly, raise your child’s expectations and count down the days until school starts with your child. Share positive, humorous and meaningful memories of your first days of school, so that your child will look forward to creating their own positive first memories at school.

Live in Houston Independent School District and need more information on how to get ready for school. Click here for HISD, City Team Up For Back To School Fest.


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