Does your sex drive have you pulling over into the breakdown lane at the worst time?  Here are a few simple ways to fine tune your motor and rev  your sex drive back into high gear.

Swap Out Your Hormonal Birth Control

Hormonal birth control lowers libido in 10% -40%  of women.  Artificial and real hormones from hormonal contraceptives make your ovaries ineffective for reproduction. The ovaries can not produce testostorone.  Testosterone   increases your sex drive, without the nasty side effects of looking like a hairy caveman.

To get your sex drive back in high gear lose the pill and opt for other contraceptives.  Talk to your doctor to find out which contraceptives or other forms of birth control are available to suit your needs.

 Ailments and Medications can Decrease Libido

Depression, stress, over exertion, high blood pressure, diabetes and other ailments can kill libido. Physical ailments such body aches, strains, injuries or disabilities can impair sex drive.  Medication can also ruin sex drive just by doing what they are suppose to.

Mental illness  may require counseling, cognitive therapies, homeopathic medications and continuous life style changes to help eliminate or ease symptoms enough to bring spark back to your libido.  Make and keep all apointments to make treatment effective. Surround yourself with motivational people that will help you continue on your path to recovery.

Some physical ailments can make the thought of wanting sex a nightmare. Make sure that pain, injuries and strains are checked out by a doctor for solutions. Ask the doctor for alternative positions or equipment to circumnavigate disabilities. Using equipment in the bedroom  will turn your bedroom into a new adventurous playground.

Medications to treat common or long-term ailments can kill libido. Antihistamines can dry vaginal areas and pain killers can desensitize areas. Not to fear, while there are terminal ailments that require certain libido dampering drugs, you can consult with your doctor to find other medications, meal routines, discuss altering drug routines or start life style changes that will help counter the effects in most cases.

Kill the Stress, Before it Kills Your Sex Drive

Eliminating stress and other mood- killers can bring back libido. Couples should work together to ease the tensions of their day before sexual activities ever begin. Listening, unburdening and doing something comforting can help remove mental barriers that block a woman’s ability to enjoy sex.

There is a direct correlation between exercise and sex. The more exercise you do, the more powerful your sex drive. Other sexual benefits from exercise are; the ability to maintain sexual positions longer,  increased endurance  and  flexibility.

Find Ways to Increase Healthy Eating

Ingesting junk food  is like putting  water into your car.  The water will fill the fuel lines and the engine will not be able to run on it. Junk food takes longer to break down, clogs your arteries with cholestrol and, in many cases,  fat loaded  content won’t leave the body.

An over burden body retaining artifical ingredients, chemicals, and gobs of fat will not be able to function at its peak sexually. It will not have the nutrients and minerals from good food to carry out processes that spike sex drive and enable the reproductive system to be in top performance. The more over burdened the body the less capability for sex  and the more decreased the sex drive will be.

Eat foods that have as little  to no processing done to them. Try not to drown salads in mayo, goopy salad dressings, or sweet toppings. Try olive oil, honey or use simple herb, fruit puree, or seasoned vinaigrette to top your salads. Consult with a nutritionist to develop a lasting healthy style of eating and stay away from diets. Diets are often not balanced lasting routines for eating. Failing a diet can mean doubling or even tripling back the weight lost from dieting. Starvation, purging, or bolemia can wreck internal systems  and are counterproductive for improving sex drive.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep deprivation greatly reduces sex in women. Couples should try to share work loads and share responsibilities around the home. Identify solutions for making  tasks easier to manage. Alleviating a woman’s work load can help her make more time for rest. Making more time for rest is an investment in a more potent sex drive.

Libido Enhancing Medications and Therapies

Sometimes the solution is as simple as making an appointment to see a sexual  specialist, an obgyn or urologist.  Every year,  new research comes with new answers, medicine, technologies and therapies to, formerly, sexual conundrums.  Our past experiences, culture, or even our very own genetics can work against our own natural sex drives. Specialists usually have great solutions for religious needs, countering cultural road blocks, and resolving physiological  barriers.

Just remember to use birth control methods that won’t interfere with testostorone production, take care of mental  and physical health, feed your body right, and see a specialist for extra help getting back on the saddle again.

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