Follow the instructions below  for an easy way to clean your coffee maker.

1. Dispose of used coffee filter and wash grounds from coffee  filter basket.

2.  Fill water reservoir  half way with vinegar and the other half  water.

3.  Turn coffee maker on.

4.  Repeat step 2.

5.  Dispose of vinegar solution in carafe and pour clean water into reservoir.

6.  Turn coffee maker on.

7.  Fill reservoir  with water and turn coffee maker on.

8.  Dispose of water and replace coffee filter.

  • Vinegar smell will go away as it dries. You can also make the smell go away faster by repeating step7.
  • The carafe can be washed with salt and water for stubborn coffee stains. Then rinse salt water solution with clean water. Carafe can also be placed in dishwater for further cleaning.

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