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barry warner3 Barry Warner Wraps Up A Wild Weekend Of SportsWaco road trip to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame:  Props to Steve Fallon and his staff at the treasure that is a must for all sports fans. Shaun and I could have spent hours checking out all the exhibits. Check out the podcast if you missed the show to hear interviews with Earl Campbell and Randy White. Both are enshrined in Waco and the Pro Football Hall in Canton, Ohio.

The highlight was interrupting Drayton McLane to inform him the Hunter Pence trade to the Phillies was now national news. “How did you know that?” was the response from the Carnival Barker. “It’s my job and by the way Pence was just taken out of the game, hugging his soon to be ex-teammates”. Five minutes later he was on SportsRadio 610 doing his verbal tap dance with The Odd Couple.

57515310 8 Barry Warner Wraps Up A Wild Weekend Of Sports

Drayton McLane (credit: Dave Einsel/Getty Images)

It was classic Drayton-a man who refuses to acknowledge the term REBUILDING. IN fact there is a greater chance of his dropping f bombs in church than admitting the last several years of his ownership have been a charade.

Unlike Rich Lord, I have no problem with trading both Bourne and Pence and Bourne. The LASTROS would still be el-sucko with or without them. As much as I enjoyed watching them here, neither is a franchise guy who can carry a BRUTAL team. This will be a Double A team playing major league schedule the next two years

New owner in waiting Jim Crane’s finger prints are all over the trades made by GM Ed Wade. It is just business. I would do the same if someone bought my business and we were not going to close for several months. By getting ten young players over the last two weeks, the farm system will be restocked with young power arms.

The first baseman of the future is a powerful hitting first baseman, Jonathan Singleton while Jordan Schaeffer can be a spark plug type of centerfielder.

The crown jewel was League City’s Jason Cossart. The kid has top of the rotation type stuff and could be here by mid-season of next year. 

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Have no problem at all watching young kids like Jimmy Parades starting at third. Give these guys a shot at the big leagues. Chris Johnson and Brett Wallace were not ready and may never be.

By going young, new ownership will have player control for six years

Texans GM Rick Smith puts on big boy pants.

After earning props throughout the NFL for obtaining Johnathan Joseph and Daniel Manning, Smith admitted the mistake in making  Amobi Okoye the 10th player taken in the draft, by passing Patrick Willis, Darrelle Revis, Lawrence Timmons and Brandon Merriweather just to name a few.  Okoye is a nice young man, a solid citizen and a wussy. He is a finesse type player who dislikes contact. Thus he is in the wrong business.

amobi okoye Barry Warner Wraps Up A Wild Weekend Of Sports

(credit: Getty Images)

The Bears will try Okoye at defensive end.

It still pales by comparison to Charlie Casserly screwing the Texans from the start by anointing David Carr as the face of the franchise.                                 

Unlike Marc Vandermeer,  who is hyperventilating at giving the “all airport report” of who looks good in shorts, this old schooler refuses to go to camp until they can actually hit. The wussification of the modern day NFL continues. 

Without hitting, the NFL should add Victoria’s Secret as a sponsor.

This will be my 52nd pro football training camp. Wake me when they start full contact.


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