How To File A Police Report With HPD

By A. MIRANDA, CBS Houston

What Is A Police Report?

It is a report that documents a victim’s descriptive statement regarding illegal activities committed against them.

Why Is It Important?

Police reports help police investigate accidents,  find stolen property, track crime statistics and resolve documented illegal activities.

When Do You File A Police Report?

File an HPD report when theft,  without the use of force, has occurred. You may also file a police report when someone has damaged your property, without  vehicular involvement. Go online to HPD’s Online Crime Report  to file a report.  The site will prompt you to answer questions regarding the crime committed against you.

The HPD  Online Report requires  that only the victim may file this particular report. Theft and damage reports must not exceed over $5000.00 in damage. Crimes that exceed $5000.00 must call HPD for further instructions.

For theft, that involved violence against the victim, call 911 for immediate emergencies and 713-884-3131 for break-ins to a residence, business or vehicle.

Follow the instructions below to file a police report not covered by the website:

1.  Call the police department as soon as you have found out the crime has been committed. Talking to the police as soon as possible will increase the chance of giving fresh details before they are forgotten. Keep the dates, times and names of any officers or clerks you talk to.

2.  You can file the report at the nearest police sub station or have a police officer come to your home.

3.  After the report is submitted, you will receive a case number. You can use this number to keep tabs on the progress of your report.

Learn how to do other things by checking the CBS Houston HOW TO page.

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