By A. MIRANDA, CBS Houston

The child that cries alot is often misidentified as weak or overly sensitive. As a result, parents or teachers may overly console, get agitated or try to toughen this child up. All of the solutions work against the child and make matters worse.

All children communicate their needs differently, crying is just one of the ways a child uses to address that something is wrong. Children that cry often may show extreme emotional sensitivity, may have an over inflated sense of failure, is often found alone, teased by classmates and will be at ease in the presence of a nurturing adult.

Children that exhibit this behavior need confidence, socialization, parental support, self-esteem building, assertiveness training and coping skills.

Confidence building is gives the child encouragement and empowerment in her own abilities to accomplish a task. The child that exhibits too much sensitivity must understand sometimes things will go in their favor and sometimes they will not. Parents would be wise to demonstrate appropriate reactions when things don’t go their way. This will show the child how to cope in unfavorable situations.

Children with heightened sensitivities need to be gradually socialized. Parents may need to encourage the child to be assertive so that they don’t desire isolation. Introducing the child into different activities that are family oriented or joining fun leisure activities may help calm those fears that they are different or unacceptable. Seeing other children enjoying the same things they like will help decrease the unrealistic fears.

child plays with coach How To Help A Child That Cries A Lot

(credit: Rodrigo Arangua/AFP/Getty Images)

Parents need to rethink their own biases towards children that cry. Crying is the mind’s way of expressing things are not okay emotionally or physically.

The tears will start to decrease as a child gains confidence, learns more coping skills and learns other ways to express herself. Building self-worth, encouragement and motivation will cause the child to know not everyone is against their efforts. Football teams have cheerleaders and millions of adoring fans to help cheer them to victory. Parents need to be the cheering section for their own children. Having someone believe you put in your best effort can help take the heightened sense of failure out of most situations. Instead of giving up on an activity, the child will focus more on learning how to improve, enjoy the activity and have more fun in activities.

Parents are encouraged to be continuously and persistently patient.
A child that continuously cries, despite their parents attempts to build up their esteem and coping abilities, may have other deeper emotional or mental concerns that will require professional intervention.

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