By MARC VANDERMEER, SportsRadio 610

1. Green Bay Packers
The Super Bowl Champions only went 10-6 before their post season run but they now get injured players back (I know they didn’t workout during the lockout but c’mon).
2. New York Jets
This is an organization that could be on the verge of a title. They certainly have holes to fill but they can run and take pressure off Mark Sanchez and the defense should do the rest.
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
They still have most if not all of the tools they’ll need to get back to the Super Bowl. So what if they had trouble covering Green Bay. Everyone does.
4. New England Patriots
I hate to say “as long as Brady and Belichick are there…” but…
5. Indianapolis Colts
They’re healthy at linebacker now. The secondary is good enough. Freeney and Mathis are still there and the offensive line is coming together. At some point they have to run the ball. Or do they?
6. Atlanta Falcons
See # 3 explanation on Pittsburgh. They’re loaded and extremely dangerous.
7. New Orleans Saints
What happened at Seattle is unacceptable. They managed to hang on to Greg Williams in the coaching carousel. The division is getting tougher but they’re not going away.
8. Baltimore Ravens
People eating crab cakes often complain about Joe Flacco not being this or that. Luxury problem. Sure they should be more explosive for all the weapons they have. Sure the defense needs retooling. But they’re still playoff ready and a big problem for whoever they play Sunday afternoons.
9. Chicago Bears
Didn’t they HOST Green Bay in the NFC title game? Jay Cutler won’t be riding the bike in September. We think.
10. Philadelphia Eagles
All they do is win. It may not be enough to keep people happy in Philly but Andy Reed has a record that makes most NFL fan bases salivate.


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