How To Lose Belly Fat

By ANNA-MEGAN RALEY, CBS Houston says try these seven things to help lose belly fat:

  1. Exercise for weight loss
  2. Add resistance training
  3. Reduce calorie consumption and swap out certain foods for others 
  4. Switch out refined grains for whole grains
  5. Eat the better fats
  6. Fet more fiber in your diet
  7. Motivate yourself by understanding the risks associated with belly fat

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  • How To Lose Belly Fat « CBS Houston | Best Diet to Lose Weight

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  • tony

    First off, let me say you are beautiful just the way you are. Also, these were great tips, ill be sure to add them into my daily routine. Now, if you are interested in losing a few lbs for yourself, not other people, then visit to find out how to reach the inner you. It works for me

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