The red light cameras, which were deactivated last November, should be back to photographing your traffic mistakes at red lights on Aug. 1. Mayor Annise Parker made the announcement in a new conference Wednesday.

Parker’s decision came after a threatening letter from American Traffic Solutions, the Arizona-based operator of the city’s red light cameras. The company warned the city of the estimated $20 million consequences if Parker didn’t have the cameras reactivated.

“A federal judge has said we have no right or no legal reason to end that contract prematurely,” Parker told the media.

The U.S. District judge said the vote to shut down the red light cameras was not valid because voters only had 30 days to try to repeal the ordinance. Proposition 3 was on the ballot years after the cameras were installed.

Given no choice but to reactivate the cameras, Parker says they’ll remain on during the appeals process of the lawsuit filed by American Traffic Solutions.Be prepared for more legal quarrels about the red light cameras.

“I can’t in good conscience allow millions of dollars in exposure to ATS under this contract,” Parker said. “I have decided to turn the cameras on and we will ask the judge to appeal his ruling.”

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