So many times I hear that the woman is interested, but the man randomly decides he doesn’t want a relationship. I don’t get it.

I could be totally wrong, but here’s the order of operations that I’ve come up with after observing a few daters.

  1. The man asks the woman to dinner, during which they enjoy themselves and get to know each other a little more.
  2. Repeat Step 1 a few times.
  3. She crashes at his place one night.
  4. Movie dates end up at her place with wine.
  5. He meets her friends.
  6. His softball league buddies start asking about her.
  7. She falls in love with his dog.
  8. She leaves some things at his house.
  9. He says he’s not ready to be in a relationship.
  10. She’s dazed and confused.

Sex, Love and Relationships with Anna-Megan Raleyheadshot amr Whats The Point Of Dating Anyway?

So, my conclusion here is that from the beginning, all he wanted was to buy food for this woman so he didn’t have to eat alone.

Thankfully, this scenario isn’t based on my own personal experiences, but, unfortunately, I’ve witnessed similar events happen to both my male and female friends. Call it a relationship or don’t, but stringing someone along is just rude.

— SLR w/ AMR

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