Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops says, “he can’t follow around 100 different players, that’s just not realistic.” So Stoops told an Oklahoma City newspaper that the solution for the  Sooners in trying an avoid what happened at Ohio State is making sure his players are, “very well educated on what’s allowed and what isn’t.”

That’s a great strategy, but it has little to do with what brought down Buckeyes head coach Jim Tressel, and in truth Stoops knows that.

When asked by the OKC paper for his thoughts on Tressel, Stoops responded that he, “still holds Tressel in high regard.” That’s called taking the high road. It is also a contradiction of Bob Stoop’s actions.

Perhaps if Tressel had called the OU coach a year ago, he’d still be the coach for “THE” Ohio State. See five years ago, Stoops also had a quarterback accused of accepting benefits in violation of NCAA rules.

Rhett Bomar threw for 2,018 yards in leading the Sooners to an 8-4 record – and then was dismissed for allegedly earning $18,000 from a Norman, OK car dealership working just 5-hours per week. (That’s $69.25 per hour – assuming he didn’t take any vacation.)

According to Stoops, when he found out about the potential violations, the decision regarding Bomar was quick and final. “Our conversation wasn’t very long,” said Stoops, Bomar was gone.

The “Cautionary Tale” regarding Tressel’s handling of the NCAA violations at Ohio State, has nothing to do with player education, and everything to do with the coaches reaction. Had Tressel immediately reported the “memorabilia for tattoos” transactions of his quarterback Terrel Pryor and four others last spring, the players would’ve been responsible to make financial restitution and most likely been suspended for the Buckeyes first two games in 2010 – Marshall and Miami, FL, whom they beat by a combined 50 points.

Instead, Tressel warned a Pryor mentor, and buried the information from OSU’s compliance department assuming he could fix the problem himself as easily as he could rig a lottery for top Buckeye recruits.

How’d that strategy work out for ya Jim?


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