By GAVIN SPITTLE (SportsRadio 610 Program Director)
gavin smile Its Calder Cup Time In Houston!
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There was a large crowd at will call.  Couples showed up extra dressed up like it was the thing to do.  I even noticed a few “I’m here because it’s what people will be talking about” patrons.

I’m not going to sit here and compare the crowd to a Rockets, Astros or a Texans big game attendance or atmosphere but I have to say, it was nice to have even the slightest buzz around the Toyota Center.  I needed a big game fix and I got it with the Houston Aeros.

The other day, I put out a challenge to the Houston sports fan. Prove that you are not a passive sports city. Prove that if it’s a Game 7 whether it be hockey or “insert your sport here”, you will show up because the jersey says Houston. While the lower bowl wasn’t completely full, a larger than usual crowd showed up to support the Aeros. The best part, they were vocal and they were into the game. I also mentioned that a Game 7 was a “can’t miss experience” and that prediction proved true.  Captain John DiSalvatore scored the game winner with 1:13 left to propel the Aeros to a 4-3 win, a 4-3 series win and their second Calder Cup appearance in team history. Here’s the game winning call from Joe O’Donnell:

Mobile device users may click here to listen to the audio.

aeros Its Calder Cup Time In Houston!


Kudos to both teams for their effort. After 48 hours removed from a double overtime thriller on Sunday, you could tell that there were some heavy legs but just as many heavy hits including one that knocked out a piece of the dashboard glass. In playoff hockey, you don’t need to know all of the rules to enjoy the game. You’ll learn those in time.  Another factoid to know is how much these games mean to the players. The Aeros don’t get paid in the playoffs. They get a share of the revenue generated so the further you go, the more you get paid. I dig that system.

Next on the agenda for the Aeros is the Binghamton Senators. The Sens are playing lights out hockey and just swept their opponent to make it into the Calder Cup. The two hottest teams are in the Calder Cup, the way it should be.

The first two games are at the Toyota Center on Friday and Saturday night. If you are a sports fan, this is a quality night out. This is a good story and that’s why I’m on the bandwagon and you should climb aboard.  I didn’t feel like a passive Houston sports fan Tuesday night and I want that feeling more. This isn’t about comparing the Aeros to the three majors in town. This is about getting your fix and rooting for the jerseys that say Houston. We’ll see you on Friday night.



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