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Josh was asking for listeners to call in yesterday and show their love for him. One caller named Bree chimed and to say she loved Josh, listens everyday and is, in fact, a lesbian! Listen to their conversation!

sb 2 Bree The Lesbian... Revealed!

bree1 Bree The Lesbian... Revealed!

Mobile device users may click here to listen to the audio.

Comments (7)
  1. wasup says:

    wow fugly chicks

  2. Rick says:

    That’s all u Josh uuggh!!

    1. Phil Rivera says:

      shoot have u seen josh’s girl… serious props to him on that

  3. Ken says:

    all u guys who r dissin only wish u could be so lucky

  4. Dameon A. Barbery says:

    I love these comments of people hating on two ladies. I see the basement couch surfers borrowed moms laptop long enough to type out a comment without a pic of their own.

  5. Phil Rivera says:

    I liked how rich kept asking…. is there carpet? lol

  6. Qirdus says:

    I see more Lumberjack than I was expecting.

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