Like, you-know-what’s, everyone has an opinion when it comes to the NFL draft.  Apparently, there’s a rule somewhere that states if you’re a member of the media you must prepare a mock draft.  Likewise, if you host a sports/NFL football related website you must have a draft board.

Since the draft’s conclusion on Saturday, the next necessary step for any and everyone covering the now three day event, is to grade each teams selections.  In this regard the Texans have fared very well.

Texan’s Draft Grades:

Miami Herald: B

New York Post: A

FoxSports: A B-

USA Today: B+

Why do so many people feel this was a good draft for the Texans? Would you believe it’s because of the seventh-round selection of Offensive Tackle Derek Newton of Arkansas State? Me neither. But it is not because of first-round pick JJ Watt of Wisconsin either. The angry calls and texts following last Thursday selection was somewhat granted if you believe the guys that put together draft boards.

If I use the draft boards I could still find as a “baseline” (yes, I’m calling you out Sports Illustrated – what happened to your pre-draft board!?!?!), the Texans got value in only three of eight picks.  I determined value by taking the players pre-draft “big board” average rank and comparing that against where he was actually selected by the Texans.  [see chart below]

Newton was the best “value” pick by the Texans, quarterback TJ Yates of North Carolina the worst. Most of the callers and texter’s to the shows I hosted with Greg Koch this weekend felt great about the two second-round selections – DE Brooks Reed of Arizona and CB Brandon Harris of Miami. According the pre-draft boards, the sentiment was fair as both were value picks.

Many have questioned the logic in picking Yates in the fifth round. The Texans have a pair of back-up QB’s on the roster – at least for now, and it would seem premature to be looking for Matt Schaub’s eventual replacement both in the fifth round and in 2011, when more pressing needs are evident.  Personally, if I were looking for a back-up, I’d use free agency – as the Texans did with both Orlovsky and Leinart.  Add to this discussion, the fact that TJ is the most over-valued selection – based on pre-draft boards, and you can understand why the quarterback was the leas-liked pick of the weekend.

On average, Rick Smith, Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips and the rest of the Texans brain trust selected a player about 7 picks before they should have, according to the “experts” that compiled draft boards.

2011 texansdraft Texans Draft Grades: Newton Best, Yates Worst

What do you think of the Texans draft? Leave your comment below!


twittericon2 Texans Draft Grades: Newton Best, Yates Worst

  1. Aaron says:

    It does not make one bit of difference what the “experts” have to say about the draft or the fans for that matter…are they looking at the actually teams draft board and player evaluations?…no…do they have the inside track on where the team is trying to go with their team?…no….are they gonna be the ones put on trial when a player doesn’t pan out even though the consensus was that “this” player is better than “that” player?…no…so just leave it alone until you see the actual results of the draft….meaning 3-4 years from now after you have seen the players on the field.

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