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Vandermeer did it. So can I. And of course, we’ll turn it into a competition of some sort. It’s what we do.

Picking ONE round of the NFL Draft is an inexact science, given all the misinformation teams usually toss about, to throw other teams off the trail. Still, a bit of deductive reasoning and some good old-fashioned dart-throwing helped me reach the following conclusions on the Texans’ entire draft, round-by-round.

If I get more than two correct, I expect someone to buy me a pitcher of beer.

Round One: Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

I’m feeling a much stronger vibe that the Texans actually will try and trade up for either LSU corner Patrick Petersen or Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller. But if they stay at No. 11 overall, there’s a very good chance Prince Amukamara will be there. And the Texans will happily snatch him up.

Round Two: Jarvis Jenkins, DT, Clemson

Wade Phillips may say he’s perfectly content with the DTs already in the organization, but Jenkins has been overshadowed as a play-making big man in a draft known more for defensive ends and outside linebackers. The Texans need his bulk and athleticism.

Round Three: Sam Acho, OLB/E, Texas

sam acho My Gift To You: Texans Mock Of ALL SEVEN Rounds

This guy has Wade Phillips written all over him. He’s a high-motor, highly effective pass-rusher with great football smarts. He also can put his hand in the dirt and play rush-end. And at 260-plus pounds, he’s got the protypical NFL body.

Round Four: Jalil Brown, CB, Colorado

Even though Jimmy Smith has gained more headlines and acclaim, it was Brown who generally faced opponents’ No. 1 receviers and fared quite well. Scouts thought enough of him to invite him to the Senior Bowl. He’s big and legit.

Round Five: Vincent Brown, WR, San Diego State

The Texans finally go offense, in the fifth-round. Brown is a classic West Coast offense receiver who fits Gary Kubiak’s style to perfection. He also is big and unaffraid to go over the middle. He could become exactly the kind of complement Andre Johnson needs.

Round Six: Jake Kirkpatrick, C, TCU

Keep your eye on this guy, even if he does not end  up a Texan. But pray that he does. Kirkpatrick has been playing football only since his senior year of high school, but is athletic, quick and fits the Texans’ offensive style perfectly.

Round Seven: Vai Taua, RB, Nevada

Taua will play in the NFL and be productive. He’s rushed for more than 1,300-yards each of the last three years, is durable, has good hands and can block.

Compensatory: Jeff Van Camp, QB, Florida Atlantic

The Texans would love to take Texas A&M’s Jerrod Johnson here or in the seventh-round, but Johnson is on several teams’ boards late in the draft. If he’s not available here, Van Camp has Johnson-like size and arm strength, and similarly to Johnson has been hampered by injury, has erratic ball flight and needs to develop behind an established starter.

Comments (4)
  1. Rob says:

    I don’t mind the first three picks. However, why would they draft another CB after taking one in the first round? I think ILB would be a bigger need there in the 4th round. Also, I would rather see defensive positions taken in the 7th round instead of spending them on RB (where you are deep) and QB (which would be a project at best). Thanks for taking the time to do this John.

  2. chris says:

    Only one problem with the mock draft, you forgot to sqeeze in at least two tight ends…..

  3. Ron G. says:

    I like the first 3 picks depending on what happends in free agency.

  4. sabelo says:

    Inaccurate draft …only two needs are met …and even then we’ll be lucky if Sam Acho is there in the 3rd round (he’s a 2nd round prospect ) .The rest of the draft is just off .A WR ,C,QB,RB come now ….I see at least 3 LBs ,one DB and one DT…rounds six and seven maybe a RB or QB .

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