POLL: Which Suit Looks Better?


The Wolfpack dressed up for the bosses’ wedding on Saturday… which suit do you think looked better?

  • Jack

    Who cares………..they need to go get a room.

  • Ed Curry

    Loose the Astro orange shirt and tie.

  • Anthony

    I see a couple of really “White’ guys…where are the studs?

  • Anthony

    Where is the DB button

  • JP

    Awww, how sweet… the boys all matched the girls dresses.

  • Heather

    Seriously, you matched your dates. That’s pretty much worse than wearing couples’ Halloween costumes. LAME!

  • Shawna

    Why is there not an option for both are gay? Way too much matching between the couples Josh/Jilly and Ben/Lisa

  • Jeff

    Both of you 2 swoed fighters look GAY!!!!!!!!! And Jilly is UGLY no wonder she is in radio!!!!!!

  • noel russ

    i just voted 56 times go ben! go el campo

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