Former Major League Pitcher Roger Clemens spoke out this morning and said he can’t wait until his trial begins so the people who have had their names drug through the mud along with his, have a chance to speak out and tell their story. Clemens’ will get his chance when his trial begins in July. He faces allegations that he lied to the House Committee on Oversight and Government and Reform in February 2008. The prosecution will try to prove Clemens lied about his alleged use of steroids and HGH during his 23-season career.

Clemens said a whole lot of nothing today as you might expect, but was asked all the questions that many of us are curious to know the answer to. He dodged questions about the ongoing Barry Bonds trial, his presence in the public eye, or lack there of since the Mitchell Report came out in December of 2007. He dodged questions about retirement, and dodged questions about his relationship, or once again, the lack there of with former teammate and good buddy, Andy Pettitte.

Before I go on, I’d like to clarify some things. When I say he dodged questions, he did so because as you may expect, he can’t say really anything in relation to any information that may affect the outcome of his trial which has yet to begin. He’s got to be very careful. He played 23 season pushing the envelope on the mound, was not about to do the same on the radio this morning.

Clemens’ appearance on “Mike and Mike in the Morning”  was an effort to show face in his hometown, let people know he’s not been in hiding, even though he has and that he’s just been living life, like a regular Joe that happens to be facing multiple perjury charges in a trial upcoming in a few months. It was an effort to show that he hasn’t “lightened up”, as his lawyer, Rusty Hardin once scribbled on a note pad during his  defiant, abrasive press conference at the GRB in 2008.

Clemens may have said that he hasn’t paid any attention to the Barry Bonds trial, but you can bet his team of lawyers have.

The outcome of this Bonds trial could give a lot of insight as to what the future may hold for Clemens, and the outcome of his trial. If Bonds is found guilty and serves time or has years of probation to look forward to, then Clemens, one would have to think would go down as well.

Will it make a lot of people feel better knowing that both Bonds and Clemens have finally been brought to justice after years of allegations?

Probably not.

What’s in it for you, as a fan? Coming to the realization that a judge and jury had finally convicted two former athletes of lying about steroid use after they’ve made their millions?

You, as a fan, have already cheered and booed them respectively during their playing days, but the outcomes are watered down because their careers are over. They are a memory, most pleasant, some not so much. It would have been nice of baseball hadn’t turned it’s back on the rampant use of PED’s for so long and these two along with a cast of hundreds and probably thousands over the years that abused steroids had been brought down during their playing days.

That’s why this is watered down so to speak. No matter what happens now, guilty or not guilty for both of these men, especially for Clemens, is that they will have gotten over on the system either way. And what’s unfortunate, you the fan don’t care anyway because you accept steroids as a part of sports now. It’s not your fault, what will fans do? Boycott sports? LOL!

Hell No!

Because at the end of the day, they are all games, and while we have a passion for it, while it’s the reason for my livelihood, we need sports to distract us, to give us the escape from life, and fans, you, me, will always go back!

Everything has rules, and baseball, sport in general was late to the party in coming up with enough of them and the consequences for those rules (if they’re broken) to nip steroid use in the bud when it had a chance.


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