Houston Media Hotties Exciting Eight: Voting Open!

Our search for Houston’s Hottest Media Woman has been fun. Right now, you can vote for the ladies you’d like to see advance to the Foxy Four.

Rich Lord bracket

Josh Innes bracket

Voting for the Exciting Eight ends on Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Here are the matchups.

#1 Lucy Noland (KHOU) vs. #4 Jessica Willey (ABC 13)

lucy v jess1 Houston Media Hotties Exciting Eight: Voting Open!

lucy v jessica1 Houston Media Hotties Exciting Eight: Voting Open!

#2 Mia Gradney (CW39) vs. #3 Daniella Guzman (KPRC)

mia v daniella Houston Media Hotties Exciting Eight: Voting Open!

mia v daniella 2 Houston Media Hotties Exciting Eight: Voting Open!

#1 Jennifer Reyna (KPRC) vs. #4 Natalie Bomke (Fox26)

new reyna nat Houston Media Hotties Exciting Eight: Voting Open!


jen v nat Houston Media Hotties Exciting Eight: Voting Open!

#6 Anna-Megan Raley (Chronicle, SR610) vs. #7 Kristin Kane (Fox 26)

amr v kk Houston Media Hotties Exciting Eight: Voting Open!

amr v kk 2 Houston Media Hotties Exciting Eight: Voting Open!

  • PitterPatter

    LUCY!!! LUCY!!! LUCY!!!

    Need more proof?


  • Barry

    Why is Jennifer losing?!?! That is so wrong!

    • Johnny

      Very wrong!! There should be more Jennifer pictures, not just one.

      • Barry

        Does anyone have photos of her when she was a bikini model? I guarantee there’s a lot of that on Google. Find it, and it will help!

    • ed

      because anna meagan is putting up the pictures….

      • http://annamegan.wordpress.com annamegan

        She’s one of the few who haven’t reached out to me with newer, better photos. This would be a page of bikini chicks if they wanted…sorry to disappoint.

  • MarkieMark

    Come on Reyna fans, we can make this a little closer!

    • Sam

      We Reyna fans have to advertise and post on facebook, twitter, etc. We gotta start this viral Internet campaign now!

  • Billy

    Obviously, blondes get the upper-hand.

  • KDlonghorn

    I don’t think it is fair that they have cleavage and bathing suit pictures. If you are going to do that then both ladies should have similar shots.

  • Ronald

    The same reason why Reyna is losing are the same reasons why many good artists are losing to Bieber in sales and popularity.

    • Joe


      • Ronald

        Okay, since you don’t get it.

        Dumb people with no taste, who put undeserved people over deserved people are the reason why Reyna is losing.

  • Chuck Webb

    Natalie all the way!

  • Dave "The Small Fundamental" Garcia


  • Lance

    Nice job… Made Busted Coverage! Lopez should get some sort of shout out for that one!!

  • New Tires

    Don’t you think Natalie’s fiance is telling people to vote for her on a massive scale?

  • Shirley Fuller

    Go AM!!!!!!

  • failbook

    Jennifer Reyna is the Megan Fox of Houston media!

    • Sam

      If that’s the case then Guzman is the Angelia Jolie of Houston media.

      • JD

        Bomke is the Scarlett Johannson then, and Kane is the Jessica Alba.

  • Chuck Savage

    Maybe some of these folks have met some of these folks and are voting on more than an incredible body, which reyna does have… I’m just sayin’…

  • David

    You guys are nuts or racist.
    Natalie Bomke over Jennifer Reyna?
    Jessica Willey over Lucy Noland?

    The only race that should be close is #2 Mia Gradney (CW39) vs. #3 Daniella Guzman (KPRC).

    Regardless, Jennifer should have breezed through this competition.

    • TheNunAliceSharpton

      What? Listen here, Davie Boy….ugly, just like stupidity, knows no racial lines. I suggest you take your poorly played race card, put it back in the deck, and think before you type.

  • Coog Gurl

    Lucy over Jessica hands down

    Mia & Daniella Guzman is a really tough one ….either one could win

    Jennifer Reyna & Natalie are both attractive. One of them looks like a plastic, collagen filled, barbie and the other one is a bit more natural looking

    I wont comment on AM and Kristin because I am friends with one of them and therefore biased :)

    Good luck everyone!

    • JockeyJoe

      Don’t you mean one looks like Seabiscuit and one looks like Secretariet?

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  • AB

    Just my personal opinion. I too think Jennifer Reyna is the hottest media woman in Houston. The girl is bad!

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  • Steve

    Jennifer Reyna should have taken this contest hands down.

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