Smokin’ 16: Innes Bracket Open For Voting

The Josh Innes bracket, also known as the Western Conference, is now underway. The winner of his bracket will face the winner of the Rich Lord bracket as we attempt to determine who is Houston’s Hottest Woman in the Media.

Voting for the Innes bracket ends at 5 p.m. on Friday. You may vote more than once.

crown sponsorship Smokin 16: Innes Bracket Open For Voting

#4 Natalie Bomke (Fox26) vs. #5 Lauren Freeman (KPRC)

bomle v freeman Smokin 16: Innes Bracket Open For Voting

#3 Katherine Whaley (KHOU) vs. #6 Anna-Megan Raley (Chronicle, Sports Radio 610)


whaley v raley Smokin 16: Innes Bracket Open For Voting

#3 Katherine Whaley (KHOU) vs. #6 Anna-Megan Raley (Chronicle and SR610)

whaley raley Smokin 16: Innes Bracket Open For Voting

#3 Katherine Whaley (KHOU) vs. #6 Anna-Megan Raley (Chronicle, SR610)

#2 Dominique Sachse (KPRC) vs. #7 Kristin Kane (Fox26)



dom v kk Smokin 16: Innes Bracket Open For Voting

#2 Dominique Sachse (KPRC) vs. #7 Kristin Kane (Fox26)


#1 Jennifer Reyna (KPRC) vs. #8 Lisa Chavarria (KHOU)



 Smokin 16: Innes Bracket Open For Voting

#1 Jennifer Reyna (KPRC) vs. #8 Lisa Chavarria (KHOU)

Go register and vote for our Houston girls in the Babe Bracket. Don’t let a chick from Dallas or somewhere else win! Click here to register.

hot chicks houston vs dallas1 Smokin 16: Innes Bracket Open For Voting

  • Patrick

    Do not bother voting. These are so rigged.

    • WAB

      Lucy Noland was not worthy of a #1 seed and I can’t believe she won in a squeaker!

  • Shirley Fuller

    Go Anna-Megan!!!!! I voted for you cousin!!

    • Dave

      She looks like Charlie Sheen’s twin brother with that hat on her head.

      • Jim

        Dave, what is up with you? Need counseling? God can help!

  • Erik

    Anna Megan is the hottest one in the contest.

  • Juan Sanchez

    The top 2 are in this braket, Dominique and J. Reyna

  • Michael

    Ditto Juan !!!!



  • Joseph Puma

    My top 5 would have to be Dominique,Jennifer Reyna,Jessica Willey,Anna-Megan Raley,and Lucy Noland,with honrable mentions to Casey Curry,Rachel McNeil,Lauren Freeman,Adela Uchita,Daniella Guzman,Melissa Wilson and the very underrated Courtney Zavala.Elizabeth Scarborough would be close to the top if she were still around.I love this contest!

  • Sam

    Go Jennifer Reyna! Having Jennifer Reyna face Lisa Chavarria is like having the Miami Heat face the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Green Bay Packers face the Buffalo Bills, and the Texas Rangers face the Pittsburgh Pirates. That is all.

    • Ronald

      Reyna = IBM Watson
      Chavarria = Everyone else

      • Bob

        Better one…

        Reyna vs. Chavarria is like an Elephant vs. Ant in a cage match, and Reyna is the Elephant.

    • C.B.

      I think it would also be more like Walmart competing against a mom and pop shop, but that’s just what I think.

      • SDC

        Jennifer Reyna :: Blu-Ray
        Lisa Chavarria :: VHS

    • annamegan

      The Cavaliers beat the Lakers earlier this year…I’m just saying….

  • annamegan

    Let’s go Kristin Kane – Super Hottie!

    • psycho3495

      Anna your are miles better looking then any of these ladies in the Bracket. Which says a lot.

  • somebodyman

    This is more like American Idol, without the singing. But Go Reyna!

  • Souler

    Why is Katherine Whaley losing so much?! I blame 610 staff.

    • Shirley Fuller

      Because us Anna-Megan fans and family are helping her out. :)

    • annamegan

      I blame my mom and Nana.

    • buc

      whaley needs to eat some Cheeseburgers

  • Jason

    this is not a good picture of Katherine Whaley…She is gorgeous! Terrible choice of photo for her

  • Robert

    Wow how in the heck did Lucy Nolan beat out Melissa Wilson what is wrong with the eyesight of people I don’t even think she should have been in the tournament…oh well….Anna Megan all the way….

    • annamegan

      Lucy Noland beat Melissa Wilson by four votes.

  • Jenny

    Melissa Wilson is sooooooo freakin HOTTTT!!!!!! Have you EVER seen her in person? GGGGRRRRRRRRRR!! I am a chick, and she is on my “list” – also my husband’s! SMOOOOOOKINNNN!!!!!!!! Hope to make it happen someday!!!!

  • david canada

    what about Melinda Spaulding of Fox 26?

  • david canada

    Jenny: I agree with you! I work at Fox 26 and she is much more attractive in person! And on top of that….maybe the nicest person you will EVER meet!

  • jack morgan

    A day without Jennifer is like a day without sunshine!!!!

  • John

    David Canada / Melinda Spalding not in same League with these Chicks . You must be a Black Dude . You need a check up at TSO

    • bigbaby

      You must be a rednedck hillbilly.

    • major

      you must be a white dude. acting like they don’t have some black lab looking white chicks in these brackets. this isn’t an open air klan rally. no rachel mcneil invalidates the whole contest.

  • John

    AnnaMegan… Your kicking ass. Awesome. If you win are you going to wear a crown or sash all your appearances over the next year as reiging champ.

  • JOHN



    Anna Megan Shockingly Hot!

  • Dave "The Small Fundamental" Garcia

    Sometimes, this makes me feel like choosing between eating a nice juicy steak, or a some great, fresh sushi.
    Love them both it’s just what your in the mood for that particular day.
    My mainstays are and always be A-M since day one on the Housotn scene.
    Also, love Dom, and Melissa; both Houston legends.
    And now the new blood has energized the local scene as well.
    My personal faves are of course Natty, Kristin, Jennifer R., and Melissa Wilson.
    They all are well deserving of being included.
    IT’s gonna get harder i know it!!!

  • David

    I don’t see how this is even a contest Jennifer Reyna! PERIOD!!!

    • StanTheMan

      In the words of Ozzie Guillen…”pfft…please!” Her ranking is perhaps the most overrated ive ever seen, including UT’s men’s basketball team when it reached #2 in the Coaches Poll this year. If the unemployed amigos weren’t stuffingthe ballot box she’d be no better than 10% of the vote..

      • Dave "The Small Fundamental" Garcia

        as a LIFELONG LONHORN FAN i can relate to the “overinflatedness” of our BB Teams the past 5 years or so.
        and as for the “unemployed amigos” (love that!), i think you might be right.
        BUT COME ONE, she has a knock out of a bod that one!

  • Jason

    wow! Katherine Whaley is HOTTT!! way better pic of her!!

  • Jason

    Hey….i think something is wrong with this thing! I voted for Katherine 3 times and each time Anna’s votes went up instead of Katherines?

    • Dave

      That’s because Anna pulled 2 all nighters voting for herself.

      • Jim

        Get help, Dave!

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