The winner of the play-in game is Lisa Chavarria from KHOU. With 3,874 votes out of 7,336, the beautiful brunette edged out the lovely Kelly Kelly from Hot 95.7 with 53 percent of the votes. Congratulations to you, Lisa! She’s now the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference – the Josh Innes bracket.

Eastern Conference play is now underway. That’s the Rich Lord bracket. Voting ends Wednesday at 5 p.m. Vote for who you’d like to see advance to the Exciting Eight round of the tournament.

Here are the matchups:

Rich Lord Conference

 #1 Lucy Nolan (KHOU) vs. #8 Melissa Wilson


lucy vs melissa Smokin 16: Let The Hottest Media Women Tourney Begin!

#1 Lucy Nolan (KHOU) vs. #8 Melissa Wilson (FOX26)


  #2 Mia Gradey (CW39) vs. #7 Erin Austin (KILT) 

 #3 Daniella Guzman (KPRC) vs. #6 Laura Reynolds (SportsRadio610)
 Smokin 16: Let The Hottest Media Women Tourney Begin!

#3 Daniella Guzman (KPRC) vs. #6 Laura Reynolds (SportsRadio610)

#4 Jessica Willey (ABC13) vs. Nefertiti Jaquez (KPRC)
 Smokin 16: Let The Hottest Media Women Tourney Begin!

#4 Jessica Willey (ABC13) vs. #5 Nefertiti Jaquez (KPRC)




 Smokin 16: Let The Hottest Media Women Tourney Begin!

#2 Mia Gradney (CW39) vs. #7 Erin Austin (KILT)

Comments (48)
  1. Jason says:

    I dont know if Ball girl Mandi is a part of the media but she should be on the list. I got to meet her at Tux n Tennies.

    1. annamegan says:

      She’s a doll!

  2. Chris says:

    your round of 8 should be called the exquisite 8

  3. Jim says:

    Who is in the other bracket?

    1. Joe says:

      Jennifer Reyna, Katherine Whaley, Dominque Sachse, and Anna Megan Raley are there to name a few.

  4. H says:


  5. Rico says:

    Melissa Wilson is my sleeper. I know I would. She easily should beat Lucy noland.

  6. Joe says:

    This whole tourney is bogus without Theresa from the Buzz in it.

    1. Adan says:

      right she be a easy 1 seed

  7. bchat says:

    Was Kristi Powers in the running (Fox 26 weather)

  8. Paul says:

    Agreed Theresa from 945 the Buzz would kill all the ladies here. Thats REAL talk

    1. Ronald says:

      Yep agreed. Erica Rico of 93Q and Casey Curry of KTRK 13 should’ve been up there also.

  9. Fred says:

    what about my girl Adlele Uchida?

    1. annamegan says:

      She was nominated but not seeded.

  10. Rick Roll says:

    Where is Hasty Taugi from KPRC?!? Smokin hot! Miya Shay on 13 is a pretty nice looking gal too

  11. Michael says:

    She’s not local but Megyn Kelly is HOT !!!

  12. Gil says:


    1. Gil says:

      I SMELL A FIX IN BRACKET # 1!!!!

  13. VIC says:


  14. Graham says:

    Tell Anna Megan she should use the picture of her in the shoulder pads!!! Yummmm!!!

  15. raraguh says:

    Um Hello! Theresa from the Buzz! This is outrageous! Come’on now! do it right or dont do it at all!

    1. Brian says:

      Hey, I didnt think about her as well. Your right! She’s drop dead gorgeous :P~

  16. Joe says:

    Josh is a gimp. How can he say this is the ‘hottest woman in Houston media’ and then says that he didn’t even consider certain candidates because they work for someone else. If Theresa isn’t in the contest, then its not really a true contest.

  17. Karla Beek says:

    Go Mia!!!

  18. Blain says:

    is Dominique Sachse in the other bracket?

  19. tanker1 says:

    where is dominique

  20. Bruh says:

    No Dominique? No contest!!!! Place Mia, Show Nef

  21. Gipper says:

    Sachse is in the other bracket – although she should be in the seniors bracket since she is too old, irrelevant and wrinkled for this contest, IMHO.

    1. D says:

      You are dead dumb to think she is old.

      1. StanTheMan says:

        I’m with Gip on this one. She’s the DePaul, UNLV or Seton Hall of the NCAA Tourney — i.e., was briefly worth watching 10 or 20 years ago, but is irrelevant today and shouldnt even be on TV.

  22. Sleepylu says:

    Mia by 100 miles and running!! Come on !! Give Us some REAL COMPETITION!!

  23. Marcus says:

    Nefertiti Jaquez is the best thing that has ever happen for Houston Media coverage. She makes boring news even interesting to watch. Beautiful and talented!

    1. StanTheMan says:

      Her “That is THE VERY LATEST…” is almost as horrible as Vandy’s “Rock n’ Roll”.

      1. major says:

        dirty thumb ring skank she is.

  24. Dave "The Small Fundamental" Garcia says:

    Therasa wasn’t included and i find that hard to believe.
    Glad to see A-M was included in this thing though.
    She deserves it.
    Been a huge fan since day one.

    1. annamegan says:


  25. tee says:

    kristin galvan is she in a bracket?

  26. Michael says:

    Someone wanted Kristi Powers in there? Really, that woman is freaky looking. I think it is the hair. Adela Uchida is just too skinny to be on there, have a cheeseburger gal. Casey Curry is all right. Mia Shay has a huge head, but I can see where some may like her. I agree that Dominique is too old and fake looking.
    What about Sonya Azad from Ch 13? She is incredible. Also from Ch 13, Jessica Willey is a fine white woman. My pick to win it all though, Daniella Guzman!

  27. major says:

    nice how you have the KKKILT chick trying to kick the only black chick in the whole contest. typical.

  28. D-HEN says:

    Mia Gradney Should have been the one seed .. Jaquez is just flat out gorgeous Serious eye candy … But I got my bet on the finest woman on TV Jennifer Reyna…

    P.S. radio has some decent looking chicks.

  29. Dudewithapoint says:

    Theresa from The Buzz and Brandi Garcia from The Box belonged in this bracket. Their exclusion was shameful.

    : )

  30. NZ64 says:

    Rich Lord’s bracket sucks entirely. The only decent pick out of all 8 is Daniella. And she’s chunked out right now bc of her pregnancy!

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