With the era of Twitter and Facebook these days, it’s hard to not know everything about what everybody of some sort of significance has done, will do or is doing. Sports Radio 610’s John Lopez “broke” the “story” of Kareem Jackson attending a cock-fight in the Dominican Republic Tuesday, and, in my opinion, made this a spectacle and a reason for the Texans public relations staff to return from vacation sooner rather than later, or at least when Kareem returns from vacation.

Jackson tweeted: “My first time ever seeing chicken fight till the death it was crazy… “

“Look at all these people that be at these chicken fights, you would think it’s a college football game.”

Lopez was right when he wrote this morning (on that what Kareem Jackson did, by attending and tweeting about attending a cockfight and posting pictures was, “dumb, dumb, dumb”.

Dumb only because now that Lopez brought attention to it, animal rights activists/Texan fans (not saying all Texan fans are animal rights activists but you can hopefully see where I am going) will greet him with great displeasure and question his intelligence, dignity, and his humanity because of one ‘story’.

My point is that if Lopez hadn’t have brought attention to the non story, then we wouldn’t be talking about it…I don’t follow Kareem Jackson on Twitter, I don’t think, even if I technically do, I certainly don’t check his status on a daily, monthly basis, if ever….how many of you people with no lives do?

Chronicle columnist, Jerome Solomon, to me, in my mind, hit the nail on the head, but left some things unsaid…when he wrote his rebuttal to Lopez’s article on today…he doesn’t fault Jackson for attending the cockfight in the Dominican Republic, which, for all humanity is legal there!

Perception: It’s a funny thing, each person can see the same thing and have a completely different opinion…Jackson tweeted that “it was crazy”…..and I chose to interpret his following tweet that read… “Look at all these people that be at these chicken fights, you would think it’s a college football game.” as almost him mocking the stupidity of people there, for lack of a better way to put it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case, attempting to interpret a tweet is in the mind of the reader….and judging by most of the commentary from both articles today by Lopez and Solomon, a football player’s humanity is in question.

Jackson is paid to play football, rag on the guy all you want for being, in my opinion one of 11 players on the field at any given time, that were a part of the worst defense in football in 2010. That’s fine. That’s fair. However, do not compare this guy to Michael Vick. Do not tell me that Michael Vick is a hardened criminal still to this day, he served his time, and Vick controls his own destiny from this point forward. Period.

The pathetic thing is, and Solomon is probably correct when he states that the Texans will probably ask Jackson, or demand of him to issue a statement/apology.

I wouldn’t really expect anything else from the best PR staff in the NFL…silly. When did overpaid, million dollar football players/athletes all of a sudden become royalty so to speak and be expected to morph into a damn saint as soon as they get drafted?


I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t think. I am simply trying to add a little perspective to this “story”. I may be failing miserably, but ask yourself this question…when Kareem Jackson ends next season with 5 picks and isn’t at or near the bottom in every defensive category for a CB will you remember this “story”, or will you remember him for making all the strides he needed to help this Texans team win more games than they lost?

After you answer that, then make sure the next time your out at Reliant Stadium, you go get that big fat beefy burger or that RIDONKULOUS, over-sized Turkey leg and tell me if you still feel as strongly about Kareem Jackson attending a legal cock-fight in the DR.

If Jackson just play’s better football in 2011 than he did in 2010, then he’s done his job. He’s done what he’s paid to do. He’s expected to represent the organization well, yes. Did he disrespect the organization while in the Dominican Republic? Not that we know of, at least in my opinion. If he did, he was smart enough not to tweet or upload pics of him doing so.

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Comments (8)
  1. yolispicolli says:

    Lopez is DEAD WRONG for trying to spin this story in a negative light towards Kareem. He was in a country where this activity is legal. If he were in Spain…would it be wrong for him to go to a Bull fight???? I’m sure Lopez would spin it as such. I took those comments as Kareem not understanding how people could watch with the same excitement as people watch football games.

    I thought journalist were supposed to be objective…I GUESS I’M WRONG!

  2. Scott says:

    Great article….Shawn.

    All I can say is….. That the verdict on Mr.Jackson’s football skills… is still out.
    I have to ask myself. Did this guy graduate college yet? …It seems to me maybe not.! I

    n all fairness…. I must say Mr Jackson should not be mistaken for the sharpest tack in the box…..On or, off the field……. just human ….. Think before you Tweet… DUMMIE….

  3. Tony B says:


  4. bwlsn13 says:

    Thats funny.

  5. Mandy says:

    I couldnt agree more!! How snobby is it, for Americans to expect everyother country to have the same beliefs and ideas that we do. Its a part of their culture. I agree it may not have been the smartest idea to tweet pics of the whole thing but this has been blown up by the media way too much. I guess thats what happens when journalists have nothing better to report on just to get a few extra hits on there blogs. Stupid! Get over it!

  6. Jo Bolt says:

    Lopez is a scrub, always has been, when he was with the Chron he threw such a fit when they didn’t draft Vince Young. he went on and on how big of a mistake it was not to pick the sausage king. I was glad when he left the Chron, hoped he left town then heard he was on the radio.. I don’t listen to 610 for that reason.
    Anyway, he is so biter towards the Texans he looks for any reason to put them in a bad light. I guess if he had ever left the state he might be surprised what they do outside of Texas. Well John, it is legal there… he saw it, tweeted it, he had no idea that they were that excited about it (much like myself and soccer, I just don’t get soccer, or hockey) and had his picture taken holding one. BIG DEAL John! Why don’t you find out who has been to a bull fight? Guess what happens to the bull in the end? A HUMAN kills it, and not instantly, he takes his time, because that’s what the fans want. Talk about a sick group of people.. oh wait, my bad, it is in their country, and part of their culture…. But still you need to find anyone who is a pro athlete, doctor, lawyer, write, etc and chastise them.
    Leave KJ and the rest of the Texans alone, just shut up and don’t speak.

  7. Milo Purvis says:

    “Fans hating on Kareem”, What ebonics dictionary did you get that from?
    I hate people but I don’t hate ON them.

  8. Sean Luce says:

    You have a great show. I enjoy listening to both of you. It’s very entertaining. I enjoy your topics and think you both do a great job.

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