Dallas Super Bowl = Epic Fail.

By John P. Lopez

Today, the only person more embarrassed than Christina Aguilera (who really has no reason to be embarrassed because, you know, she’s Christina Aguilera), is Jerry Jones.

For all the visions of grandeur, The Jerry Bowl could not have slipped on the ice, literally, in any worse of a manner.

There was:

* Millions of dollars lost a day because of ice.

* A snowstorm on Thursday night that crippled the weekend arrival plans of so many fans and made traffic a nightmare.

* The new Field Turf was clearly too new — i.e., too tight — and had players dropping like flies with injuries.

* Workers injured, two critically, at the stadium.

* Ridiculous lines that took some fans up to two-hours just to get into the stadium.

* With the back-biting and rivalry between Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, the event was far too spread out and inconvenient. There was no “feel” of a Super Bowl.

* And then there was the NFL greed — some 1,250 fans were sold tickets for which there were no seats. Some were accomodated, but 400 fans could not watch the game. Horrible, horrible, and inexcusable.

So, how should the NFL and Jerry Jones make good?

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  • Jose Duque

    They should make good by promising not to host any Super Bowls in the future and allow Houston to be in the rotation!

  • David

    They need to drop the pop stars performing the National Anthem as they continue to embarrass themselves creating their personal rendition of the song. It was written as a sub 90 second song, keep it that way. If you can’t you don’t get to sing it.

  • John

    I still DO NOT see y everyone is saying houston dropped the ball w/our Super Bowl. I t great game we had and the city didn’t frezee up. So what if Janet dropped the top. We the city DO DESERVE another. Jerry Jones cares ONLY about the stupid records.

  • sean

    as far as recent halftime shows go – black eyed peas were horrible… Prince was great, the rain falling during purple rain? Cmon!

  • Jason

    Typical Houston Homer article and comments. Dallas will get it again before Houston does. I wonder what you guys would be saying if the Super Bowl was in Houston this year since we had horrible weather too.

    Just more Houstonians looking for another reason to bad mouth Dallas. Move on.

  • Mark


    Hey Lopez.. I’ll be listening tomorrow morning. If you have any “cajones” whatsoever, you’ll mention this article and ALL the SWEET deals they got (including, you know, being IN the stadium) for not getting to sit at the top of the stadium…

  • Joe Puma

    Houstonians don’t need any reasons to badmouth Dallas,they do a good job of providing the material in Big D all by themselves.The poster boy for snobbish greediness is none other than Jerry Jones-that’s his plastic mug hiding behind all that egg.



  • carl

    You can’t buy CLASS!

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