The Heisman Trophy winner, College & Pro Football Hall of Famer and legendary Houston Oiler takes some time to talk with J&R about Arian Foster’s potential and the toll his football career has had on his health.

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  1. John Williams says:

    God Bless you Earl!!!! You were truly the best running back I ever saw. I was at the A&M game, your senior year, and even the Aggies were saying you deserved the Heisman.

  2. darrell mahalec says:

    Earl ” The Tyler Rose ” was an awesome – powerfull runner ( watch some high-lights if a young fan ) U will be amazed.

  3. Joe Puma says:

    The Tyler Rose is by far my all-time favorite football player,and it was an honor watching him do his thing for my old Oilers.God bless the great Earl Campbell.

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