The Captains get reports from local fishing and hunting guides, take questions from callers, and discuss all topics in the outdoor lifestyle. So grab a cup Houston because this is The Outdoor Show!

Here’s Hour #1

Here’s Hour #2

Here’s Hour #3

Comments (3)
  1. Jim Farris says:

    I’m having trouble listening to your new pod casts. The page refreshes and cuts off the flash player. Can this be fixed with a setting in Internet Explorer 8? Thanks.

  2. Phil says:

    Can we please have the audio files here set up the same as they are for the 1-30-11 show/audio files. The audio files for 1-29-11 lack the “Click Here To Play Audio” next to each Hour selection for the show. If you notice that for the 1-30-11 show the audio files are set up so you can listen and download the files via the “Click Here To Play Audio” function. This is lacking on all the other shows and hour for each show. The old web site layout allowed for the functions and ability to play/download the shows for each day. I would appreciate it if we could carry this on with the new web site structure and functions.

  3. phil says:

    Also it would be great to have the ability to subscribe to The Outdoor Show podcasts via iTunes or some other media manager.

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