super bowl1 Radio Row Day 1, Complete with a Protest

By: Tom Pennington/Getty Images Sport

By: Mike Meltser

Despite working with Super Bowl/Radio Row media veterans like Marc Vandermeer and John Lopez, Monday was my first official day at “Radio Row.” To paint the picture for the audience a bit, imagine one of those very large ballrooms at a hotel, put thousands of tables in it, and in the words of Josh Innes, “you found it.”

The SportsRadio 610 table is right next to that of Jim Rome, which was pretty cool. A couple of anecdotes from this morning:

  • at roughly 7:15 am, none other than Peter King (SI, MMQB, NBC), started singing loudly, which you could hear across the entire room.  He was singing the lyrics to Rock Me, Gently. Let’s just say it was a very intriguing way to start the day.
  • around 10:15 a.m., during the first break of my solo hour, we hear loud chanting and the stomping of feet outside the Media Centers. Turns out, a bunch of cab drivers were protesting some new policy that allows new clean-energy cabs to get first crack at customers. I guess I’m glad I didn’t want a cab at 10 in the morning…

Overall, it was a very good experience for day one, with no technical issues (just ask producer Chris Jones how key that is). We had Ray Lucas, Eric Winston, and Newy Scruggs on Vandermeer and Lopez this morning, with plenty of big guests along the way tomorrow.

A final, crucial anecdote: yes, the coffee in Radio Row is good and readily available.

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