Koch: “Jay Cutler’s Tampon Fell Out on National TV”

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer and 11 year NFL veteran joins J&R to give his thoughts on Jay Cutler’s performance in the NFC Championship game.

  • John Patrick

    Greg Who? Really, I had to look up his self drafted Wikipedia page because nobody even knows who this is. Criticism of superstar QB Jay Cutler, from a guy who played on fourth place teams all his life, and never led his HS, College or the Packers to a Central title let alone NFC title, this makes perfect sense. Pathetic. Sounds like the purple pills have gone to work on the wrong head. Irrelevant and sad commentary from an irrelevant and sad old man.

  • RobininTexas

    @John…geez angry much? Actually, IF you had really done your research, you would have found stats on Greg’s NFL career. Obviously, if GB didn’t feel like his performances on the field were noteworthy, they wouldn’t have inducted him into the GBP Hall of Fame. And, for the avoidance of doubt, he’s hardly a sad old man. But, your comments certainly leave the impression that you are a testy little man. I’m guessing you must be “superstar” Cutler’s number one fan so good for you to leave a negative comment, regardless of your Wikipedia intellect.

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