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Oh, Frontier Firearms. What are we going to do with you heavily-armed rascals? “Shoot Coach Lane’s Bobble-Head Day” must have seemed like a good idea when it was planned about a month ago (I suppose). But in light of recent events in Arizona, it looks kind of foolish and insensitive now. The Kingston, Tenn. gun shop came up with the idea of having people shoot the bobblehead likenesses of football coach Lane Kiffin and his dad, Monte Kiffin with actual guns. You know, to show their disdain for Kiffin leaving Tennessee for Southern Cal. The owner of Frontier Firearms has said that proceeds from the event would go to charity, but now even the charity — Second Harvest Food Bank — wants nothing to do with it.

See the WATE video here.

Second Harvest Executive Director Elaine Streno made the decision to pull out after 6 News first reported on the event.

But the owner of the gun shop, Brant Williams, says that he’s going on with the event anyway. From WATE:

“We fail to see the connection between shooting at toy figurines and the shooting rampage of a mental disturbed individual,” Williams said. “Millions target shoot, hunt, and compete with firearms every day without being overwhelmed by the desire to murder. The fact is no sane person is compelled to kill as the result of shooting inanimate targets -– be they paper or bobble-head.”

The real disconnect here is Williams presuming to speak for the sane population. But that’s just my opinion.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to change the channel on the TV, and I’ve lost the remote. BLAM!


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