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The General joins Marc and John to break down the devestating loss to the Titans and the future of the team.

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  1. wally sisk says:

    What about John Gruden’s comment calling the Texans game
    against Philly when he said–referring to Houston–“I could work with those guys.”

  2. Marc says:

    Texans are in danger of loosing their fanbase. Ask Mr McNair if he want to put tarps over the endzone seats. You cant go 1 and 7 after 5 years on the job and still remain. Even the late great John McKay went to the playoffs in his 3rd year!

    What do you think about your offences’ execution?
    I’m all for it!

  3. Keith Sims says:

    Why can’t we get Gruden or Cowher for the Texans?

  4. dennis says:

    I gave up my season tickets when the team gave Carr 8 millon dollar to stay. Now I’m giving up wacthing until Kubiak is gone.

    1. John P says:

      You r so right Dennis, to come in as a coach, and your first move is to give an 8 million dollar option to David Carr was a precursor of the failures of Kubiak as a coach. I knew then, we were in for a long unsuccessful coaching stint with Kubi-Crap. David Carr r two words not allowed to be spoken in my household or you could be hit in the mouth. I hate that overrated piece of crap!!!

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