Photo’s Courtesy of “Pictures by Michael”

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  1. Derek sw says:

    A WINNER finds away too WIN a loser will do whatever & still come up short. All the stats & drives in the world don’t matter unless you WIN! Find a qb who can win or leads you to victory!

  2. Derek sw says:

    It will be a waste the talent Dre has but not even smell the playoffs or get a ring. Barry Sanders. Its a sad day in Houston to have the best wr & rb in the league & don’t make the playoffs! MCNAIR OWES THE FANS WAY BETTER RESULTS THAN THIS LETS GET THE BOSTON ATTITUDE LETS START WINNING!

  3. Derek sw says:

    Kubiak lack of leadership & play calling is the reflection of this team record! Look at what Billichek & S.Payton does just WIN & lead!

  4. Derek sw says:

    Why does it look like Myers is tipping the Ravens defense?

  5. Derek sw says:

    The young rook needs the right coach & he will be all right!

  6. Derek sw says:

    Actually all three of these guys need to be gone next season! Been there done that like Jigg@ put it (ON 2 DA NEXT 1)!

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